The Frustrations Of Tattoo Designs and Finding The Right One For You

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Typically the process of getting a tattoo can be rather difficult. It often works like this. The person decides they want to get a tattoo and often even decide a rough idea of what they would like to get. They then either go to a tattoo shop and try to get the tattoo artists to draw the work for them or then spend tons of time searching online. Either the person can very easily end up frustrated. Well, going to the local tattoo shop and asking one of the tattoo artists there to do a custom design will get mixed results. Many tattoo artists don’t want to take the time to work on a custom design when they can simply use the flash off the wall. Other times they might not have the art background or ability to draw freehand without looking at something.

Then they are often too busy to deal with custom work. So unless you know the tattoo artists this can leave you frustrated. This is not to slam the tattoo artists out there but there are very few that will do custom work anymore because it is labour and skill intensive. The only way to honestly get this done easily is to know an artist on a friendly basis or go to a very high-end tattoo shop where they specialize in custom designs.

The alternative as stated above is to spend time looking through for tattoos online. Here you will run into two basic types of tattoos. There are picture galleries on tattoo rating sites where you can gather ideas at the early stages. These pictures are great for refining your idea and finding the exact look you want. However, this can be very time-intensive and unless you like being on the internet for long hours staring at other people’s tattoos then this might not be the way to go. The other problem that you run into with this method is sure you might find a picture you like. However, it is a photograph and you will still have to pay a tattoo artist to make a line drawing of the tattoo to get it done.

The other method of finding tattoo online is to look at the flash sites. These will work for some people no problem. There are a ton of sites out there that specialize in selling high-quality flash designs and a lot of it is great work. So if you can find something you like then you are set. However, many people are left looking for hours and not able to find the exact design they want. They might want to change the colours of the design or they might not even be able to find the design that they are looking for. If you want something unique or different from the masses then you will not find it at online flash sites. These sites are marketing to the masses and are therefore producing tattoo flash with mass appeal. Some of the individual artists on these sites will do custom work so make sure you ask.

As you can see from above any of the traditional ways for finding a tattoo design typically leave 80 per cent of the customers either not finding the design they want or spending a lot of hours looking.

This is why there has been a small but quickly growing movement on the internet that works to connect custom tattoo artists with people looking for custom tattoo designs. Sure the traditionalist in the tattoo world will scorn the idea and say people are in it for the money. However, for most of the online tattoo artists, it goes much deeper than that. It is about providing unique high-quality custom design to the customer and making them happy. Sure they get charged for the work and the artists make money doing the design.

However, a tattoo is something that is worn for a long time to come and the tattoo artists know this and spend a great deal of time on their custom work refining the drawing and working with the customer to get the exact look and feel they are after. So most often many customers are more than happy to pay for the custom design they receive. No matter what a tattoo is going to cost money and they are not cheap. So somewhere along the line of getting a tattoo someone is going to be making money. If this was not the case then there would not be any tattoo shops out there.
So if you have felt stuck in looking for a high-quality tattoo design then why not try one of the custom tattoo design services.

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