How You Can Find Tattoo Designs That Rock

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If you want to find unique tattoo designs and one that rocks, you will need to invest the time to uncover some of the greatest resources available to you. Finding the perfect tattoo design requires some thought before you embark on your search.

The first step is to develop a vague idea in your mind, sketch it on paper so you don’t lose it and start to mull over how you can refine it into an amazing piece of art. Consider how simple or complex you want your design to be and what message you wish to portray with your design. Another major consideration is where on your body you want to have this tattoo inked. Different areas might be more appropriate than others.

An exercise that works well for most people who are finding it difficult to decide upon a design is to get a piece of paper, make three columns, title the middle one yes, the right one no. The left one is where you will note different designs you are considering. As you eliminate a design write it in the no column and move on. The designs you will still want to consider, put in the middle column. When you are ready to find tattoo designs you will be amazed how much easier and less confusing it will be to find tattoo designs that you are interested in.

Now that you have basic designs in mind it will be time to get serious with your search to find tattoo designs. Look around you and you will find great inspiration in many places that are right in front of you. Nature, magazines like the National Geographic, Newsweek and other national or international publications. All media is full of images you could change to make unique to you although you will ultimately want to find tattoo designs that will work as tattoo art.

The best option to find tattoo designs is the internet. Online galleries are all over the web and there are so many to choose from. I don’t like the free galleries because so many of the designs are regurgitated boring designs that are extremely common and I want my tattoo to be one of a kind that radiates my message. I like to claim ownership of my tattoos and that can’t be done when hundreds of other tattoo enthusiasts are wearing the same basic design with few alterations. In addition to this, free is worth just what the price implies, nothing!

The investment into memberships you will need to make at paid galleries is usually small and insignificant; also well worth the price of admission. That’s because you will have at your fingertips the ideas and abilities of the best artists in the world along with hundreds of fellow tattoo fanatics to communicate with and bounce ideas off of through the online forums. One should use this resource abundantly, but keep the final design yours.

The final piece is to keep your design realistic both in size and complexity to fit your purpose. So now you know how to find tattoo designs and how to organize your thought and decision process to accomplish your goal of the perfect tattoo design for you, and above all it rocks!

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