Top 10 Most Tattooed People In The World

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This is a Top 10 Most Tattooed People In The World:
10. Paul Lawrence (The Enigma)
9. Kala Kawai
8. Dennis Avner (Cat Man)
7. Tom Leppard (The Leopard Man)
6. Rick Genest (The Zombie Boy)
5. Julia Gnuse (The Illustrated Lady)
4. Eric Sprague (The Lizardman)
3. Etienne Dumont
2. Elaine Davidson (World’s Most Pierced Woman)
1. Lucky Diamond Rich (World’s Most Tattooed Man)

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  1. Tattoo World says

    We highly recommend you to watch our new video.
    Crazy Piercing To Blow Your Mind (part #3)

  2. Michael Bell says

    I would never do that..

  3. Cynthia Solis says

    I bet your mom said she would kill you if you got a tattoo but these people don't care

  4. ok W says

    Tattoos are supposed to be a way to be different, to stand out. It's so common place now, not getting tattooed is how you stand out and avoid looking like gutter trash. To each their own. Your actions have consequences. I work in high finance, do you think anyone would give you the time of day in my industry!? NO! Your body is a Temple and when you choose to desecrate your Temple, there are negative spiritual consequences as well. Do you think you could stand before God without guilt or shame, after desecrating The Temple he gave you? NO!

  5. just kidding says

    as we can see a lot of humans don't like their own species so they have to become a cat or something wtf

  6. ken ken says

    garbage people!!!!

  7. Gennasyde Adams says

    thats total fucking shit

  8. Louise Richards says

    If someone want to change their body and it makes them happy who is anyone to say otherwise closed minds cannot accept their own truth ???

  9. Dick Head says

    How to be unemployed 101

  10. ShortBus GamersCOC says

    Ugly asf

  11. WOBZz says


  12. Jessie Martinez says

    I've seen the first guy in person!

  13. Pol M says

    If you don't like it don't watch you bunch of boring kunts. Total respect to who appeared living life there way without fear

  14. Omar mhmad 123 123 says

    اعوذ بالله الله لا يبلانا

  15. Jim Mehlich says

    One word SICK

  16. Skratch Rapture says

    The most illiterate comment section ever haha

  17. Wallambha Mawlong says

    Too much of tattoo will kill you having a little is good

  18. Too Spooked says

    Song name?

  19. Muyo Still says

    Alles beindat mench hahaa

  20. Amanda Arteno says

    What is the demon possession hell!

  21. Dakota Lacerda says

    Isso aí é coisa do demônio

  22. Paul Womacks says

    Thank God I have my right mind. This is unbelievable and disturbing! Why? Good way to face God one day looking like a devil!! If you ask some of these people they will tell you that they are a Christian. Come on people cant you see what the devil is doing to this world?!

  23. Hella Godes says

    Top 10 people who had the guts to follow through with how they imagined themselves. These people didn't care how the public saw them, they were.. Happy 🙂

  24. no name says

    Where is jeffree ?

  25. HOW21A GAMER says

    This is crazy rip

  26. BD Cricket news Tv says


  27. Mustak Ali says

    Paitiyam ellam, thu

  28. silvercue says

    Some of them may have mental health issues!

  29. Faris 600 says

    Over Dose Tatto .

  30. Shibby Marley says

    It doesn't tell us where they are from

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