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A look at my old tattoos along with joining in the pain of my new 5/6 hr tattoo. PAINFUL!!

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  1. beauty Samunder says


  2. TQUHZ BTW says

    What tatto is it plzz tell me

  3. Turbo1dr says

    So you got a white power tattoo on your hip as a bonus? 6:43

  4. Thomas Webb says

    How long did you wait till you worked out ??

  5. Harley Quinn says

    kinda very extremely attracted to this man

  6. Critter Watene says

    Those cigars and blunts got your voice fucked up g.

  7. Bruno Rambo says

    What’s with people that have a mixed up American accent? It sounds dumb, just pick one or the other

  8. Nicholas Velarde says


    I Wanna Feel -SecondCity

  9. Rosalyn Maciar says

    It's nice if u put color the butterfly like blue butterfly

  10. iphone says


  11. Kelly Astle says

    Your accent confuses me

  12. Idris Iljasov says


  13. Idris Iljasov says


  14. Idris Iljasov says

    your face look are wy shot wrily

  15. Idris Iljasov says

    son of a bitch your look are wy s hou fucking SON OF A BITSCH hshahshahahahahah

  16. random me says

    That looks something gay you put in your ass i do know what means but sont look like that's what it its

  17. I kick life's ass says

    That girls has a boner

  18. Tom Kopke says


  19. Bhebe Vaflor says

    Nice chest

  20. Vivian Lawrence says

    I want to see the girl. Lol. And cut out the rant in car: no one saw it.

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