Tattoo Nightmares: Tattoo His Daughter Can Be Proud Of

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This devoted father gets his embarrassing tattoo of a naked woman covered up with a beautiful tattoo of an animal caring for its young. Behind the tattoo is a ribbon that supports pediatric brain cancer.

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  1. pewdiepie's beard says

    I feel like it looks like a coverup and you usually don’t want it Looking like a coverup even if it is one but ion know

  2. Jen O says

    I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say I wasn't crazy about the tattoo. It looks awkward and the baby chimp looks off. As long as the client likes it, though.

  3. Miha Plemenitaš says

    Best of luck to your daughter

  4. Lucas Bradley says

    I will get that tattoo

  5. ALEX Lucas says

    From a distance it's a big black spot. Not completely detailed . N the placing its weird. Not a good cover up

  6. Mirko Natiello says

    Me encanta el programa, la la madrugada siempre lo veo!!!!!

  7. melopsicodelia says

    they finally changed their clothes, haha, was the whole show filmed in just one day??? they are always wearing the same clothes

  8. Luis angeles lopez says


  9. carol ximena lopez vargas says

    mi madre quiere que ustedes le diseñen un estilo de tatoo de una foto saliendo plantas y al final una mariposa

  10. C Jay says

    "your daughter has brain cancer? good luck with that man"

  11. Architeuthis Dux says

    Terrible tattoo. Lots of technical flaws but people nowadays are pleased with mediocrity

  12. arod55 says


  13. MROJAS says

    whats that womens name she got a cake

  14. fabrício rocha says

    que linda

  15. har ambe says

    not my cousin harambe jr

  16. Dalton Collins says

    I can still see the old tattoo

  17. Ben Middleton says


  18. David Fuentes says

    who tells me how the song is called at the end of the program

  19. Cheeseball27 says

    The guy who got tattooed, what is his haircut called? That's what I want

  20. Isis4211 says

    Very nice.  If I had TV, I would watch this show (now that I have found a few videos that actually show before and after footage

  21. Erin Cunningham says

    too painterly for my liking 

  22. Alex Lourette says

    That tattoo was too big n put in a weird spot there was no need to make that tattoo that big for a cover up

  23. Sally Parker says

    Such a beautiful and meaningful tattoo

  24. Ryan Riley says

    one word AMAZING.

  25. Claudiz Perales says


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