Tattoo Nightmares: From a Racist to a Pervert

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When you’re a young man with a mullet & no friends, the best way to prove your loyalty to a bunch of “cool” kids down the street is to get a tattoo, obviously. He picks out what he believes is a “ninja star”, but soon finds that he has a permanent symbol of hate and fear tattooed on his arm. Then, when he tried to cover the tattoo with a new symbol, it backfired and left him feeling a bit perverted…

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  1. Screaming Popcorn says

    This is like a Joe Dirt move

  2. lilbolo817 says

    He Prolly a tekashi69 fan

  3. mrjules2008 says

    Ninja star? Fuck me Americans r dumb.

  4. Pisces Rain says


  5. 33v33 says

    Swastika was originally a symbol of peace and good luck until the nazis butchered it. It's not racist to have the symbol

  6. SLN! Media Group says

    At 0:00 That's How Spike TV Updated their 2011 Brand with more shine!

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