Tattoo Fixers play Innuendo Bingo

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Alice, Sketch and Jay from Tattoo Fixers join Scott Mills and Chris Stark for another round of Innuendo Bingo on BBC Radio 1.

  1. Marna Hansen says

    Would love to see twenty one pilots play this

  2. The Left Panel says

    6:14 fart?

  3. dior butterfly says

    girl with the chain is so cute she was ahead of her time with that fashion

  4. Jaqis Gei says

    Am I the only one annoyed by the fact it isn’t bingo

  5. X sapien says

    Alice is so pretty

  6. bitchfest says

    Get Mel B and Heidi Klum on it, they'd be great

  7. RAILFAN 2003 says

    Get Bradley Walsh on

  8. Charlie's World says

    Yes yes LOVE the tattoo fixers like Sketch and Glen

  9. BluePineapples says

    “My happy chap is running, Scott”

  10. Evie Luckham xx says

    I'm addicted to tattoo fixers I love it so much

  11. supermilkguy says

    Jay is so beautiful

  12. Molly Owen says

    Jay went to my highschool, he came round last year and he was talking to my maths teacher..I sat in his old seat!

  13. ChantelleLandon says

    hahaha ohh this is brilliant! really had me giggling. they are all so great, i love tattoo fixers, they are all so funny and talented.

  14. mythical Tyler says


  15. MIA Xoxo says

    Pause at 2:00

  16. David Milbourne says

    Love tattoo fixers and love inuendo bingo so fuckin hilarious fuck I need to go on that show lol got shittest tatt in world ha

  17. Sabasis says

    I'm at an airport tired as hell from an early flight, trying not to pass out before my next one. Watching Innuendo Bingo videos is working stupendously. Thanks guys.

  18. Ithaelol Neli says

    Sketch though

  19. maria brown says

    um where's the black girl??

  20. Ebb C says

    RIP FOXY !!! :'O

  21. The last centurion says

    Paisley is the only reason i watch tattoo fixers. where is she.

  22. Stacey Ní Ghríofa says

    I just want to see twenty one pilots play this against each other

  23. End Of The Spooniverse says

    Shame Paisley wasn't there…

  24. Cheryl Enderson says

    what does he say at 2:00 "kids still city-breety?" whats that

  25. DomXM says

    Most stupid game ever.

  26. Metal Monkey says

    This would be more enjoyable if they tried not to laugh, maybe give points for not laughing

  27. Hunter Simon says

    Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel need to be on this show.

  28. g h o s t k i d s says

    horrible 'artists' ://

  29. The ECE says

    1:08 blonde las pops up to get her phone looks like she is playing Pokemon Go

  30. Theodore Tekkers says


  31. Jokiexd says

    I want Innuendo Bingo with Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy holy shit

  32. Luke Fleming says

    Another great edition of Innuendo Bingo guys!!

  33. dammilovethisplace says

    Terrible artist's…… So bad every cover up is huge and black.

  34. Conn O'Neill says

    saw the bearded guy in intu Watford with some girl. Was right next to them in Krispy Kreme.

  35. bucky bean barnes says

    I love you Chris

  36. 2DAB4 says

    lol these guys are pricks

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