Tattoo fixers 2 temp. Cap 44

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  1. NeoStuff says

    Love the two nuns kissing

  2. Lovely Angel says

    @ Jay with blue eyes : … he's cute .. 🙂 ….

  3. Just Bones says

    The bad thing is that I live near tattoo fixers shop and I've seen them quite a lot on bus

  4. Stockhoolm R0 says

    I do like sketch but that dumbo was disappointing..

  5. TrashPanda x says

    I thought i was watching freaky eaters when this first started. I bet she could snag a spot on that show as well.

  6. cyberskin1 says

    Can't understand it, everyone seems as thick as pig shit on this programme.

  7. Jess Berly says

    It's well cute that Alice lets paisley color in her tats

  8. rocky randy says

    Seriously these have to be the most shit tattoos I've ever seen, I'm taking about the covers ! Total shit ! I just can't believe theres so many terrible tattoo artists in this world !!

  9. Tasha Jones says

    The rose is bigger then the fucking sandtimer

  10. T Burke says

    Everything’s coming up roses for Jay.

  11. Shivarra says

    WhAAAAAT the fuck are these people saying!!! I hate every single British accent!!! I understand 10% of it

  12. J Hop says

    I liked the chicken tattoo lol. It was well done (so punny haha). Not sure I'd get it done.. I'm very inked. I wouldn't say no to a joke tattoo though. Great fun and memories.. will just blend in with the rest of the tattoos eventually.

  13. JadeyFadeyMCR says

    A big orange lion is very realistic though… For a Dutchie ^^ (A) Long live the king 😉

  14. Isis Sahara says

    I'v only started watching clips from this show an hour ago and I already can't stand that guy. Is he programmed to only ever draw roses? Wtf.

  15. MrCrayEgg says

    Roses are yawn!!!!

  16. Libbythe Savage says

    Maple syrup on chicken

  17. Deathmanhunter Beatbox says

    I don’t see an Elephant

  18. The real tea sis says

    Y does that man always do a rose it's kind of annoying aha

  19. Fractured Films says

    Elephant is a rock mountain

  20. Myles Mullarney says

    Where’s his tea

  21. Gwen says

    at 6:50 he suggests almost the same exact tattoo the other guy has on his neck (7:22)

  22. Holly Jane says

    omg whats the song at 6:20 its on the tip of my tongue …

  23. Theo Dodds says

    The rose guy is good but he does too mainly roses

  24. Liam Moore says

    Anyone got any advice? i went for a big neck tattoo sent them the design but the person drew there own design with out telling me and it looks absolute garbage what should i do?They didn't give me a form to sign before they did it ether please help! Thanks

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