Tattoo Disasters UK Series 1 Ep 7 Documentary 2016

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Tattoos can be works of art, but what happens when you regret the ink job etched into your skin? Meet the people hoping to tackle their tattoo regrets.

  1. SHAKES says

    the bird with the kids names on her body, shit tattoos on her tits and shit tattoos she ended up with at the end on her back!

  2. Jessica Mullins says

    I always get a kick reading these comments lol

  3. Brew G4 says

    As if he doesn't know the difference between a St George flag and Union Jack ffs

  4. John johnson says

    Bodybuilder? Yeah sure I have more muscle

  5. Idotattoos CA says

    all these people are examples of dam that tattoo looks good on him so ima go get it

  6. killan001 says

    How many children who were not born were placed on your chest?

  7. killan001 says

    So now the flag of England is as offensive as a swazi-flag?
    Dude Trades in his Winston Churchill bulldog for an illumintai tribute?
    Please don't be ashamed or makes others feel ashamed of where you/they come from.

  8. Celine C Rvr says

    The lady looks bloody weird. Between the teeth and the eyebrows and the hair, that's like a fucking Picasso.

  9. Megan Troche says

    Wants to be a actor yet he can't quote Shakespeare. I think the tats are the least of his concerns.

  10. Daniel Schofield says

    Bury a rough place hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah if your scared of black pudding maybe

  11. Daniel Schofield says

    Body builder hahahahaha just go to the gym now and your a body builder hahahahaha

  12. T Newberry says

    What's wrong with the bull dog? I'm american and I think it's completely fine.

  13. AlwaysReason says

    Tribal tattoos? Must be the Can't Draw For Shit tribe.

  14. dogsitter68 says

    her eyebrows are tattooed ?

  15. Golf Clash says

    The last tattoo still looks rubbish.

  16. Dee Gee says

    Now daddy doesn't have to finish on his kids names.

  17. Humbert Humbert says

    "what do you think when you see this Bulldog ". IT'S RACIST! IT SAYS ENGLAND! RACIST.

  18. Underground Chamber Muzik says

    cringey people doing cringey things

  19. Ashton Hanson says

    That’s guys delusional. Body builder, actor !? Huh…

  20. Angel Creep says

    Oh Sarah, those eyebrows…

  21. WulfyGal says

    Okay, i'm an apprentice tattooist, i have worked in the same Studio for nearly 4 years now apprenticing only a year. I often urge people to refrain from names on their body unless they're your children's names or Mom and Dad etc…. If you wanna get your partner/SO's name on your body go for something less literal. Maybe a stylised lion to represent your protective boyfriend?And if it doesn't work out, now the Lion represents your own strength? Also if the artist says that the font style you want is not doable, bloody listen! What looks lovely on paper can ultimately turn into a horrible blob down the line 🙂

  22. Andrew Hagstrom says

    The British are completely emasculated. It's disgusting to see. A British bulldog is now apparently racist! Used to be a symbol of patriotism. Churchill was the quintessential English bulldog! But apparently, it's insensitive to Muslims. Poor Muslims.

  23. Andrew Hagstrom says

    Seriously? Having a tattoo that says "England" and the depiction of a bulldog is RACIST? Are you fricking kidding me? What happened to patriotism? Political correctness is destroying us.

  24. Jason72 Upton says

    just make sure the one that did the tattoo pay for it. .

  25. mama 79 says

    I don't understand why the bulldog tattoo is considered "racist". Someone please explain why.

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