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Ben looks at some crazy mistakes with Chinese characters in tattoos westerners got done in China. Unfortunate mistakes with Chinese characters have left people with tattoos such as “Dumb American,” “Pig,” or several seemingly meaningless words tattooed on them.

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  1. The Goodly Dragon says

    I don't think a white tattoo artist would tattoo "I'm a dumb Chinese" on an Asian client to fool him. If he did it would be the "racism" scandal of the month.

  2. The Goodly Dragon says

    Asians wear random contextless English words on their T-shirts. That's better because at the end of the day when you're sick of being a dumbass you can just take it off. Tattoos are harder to remove.

  3. Lebowski69 says

    comic sans

  4. Chinese Goy says

    Traditional characters are ridiculously hard.

  5. lewicy678 says

    One of the most informative videos I've seen on Youtube in quite a while.

  6. JIAYU NA says


  7. Circumflêx ÂÂÂ says

    Tattoo is more often referred to 纹身….(pattern the body)

  8. Dragon Beast says

    Chinese people are mentally disabled

  9. AmandaMenghe says

    why do dumb? Just google the right word. I've seen a foreigner who got the word "anus" on the back of his neck

  10. yunshang taiyang says


  11. Abel Ng says

    Because Chinese pronunciation is a lot of repetition, sometimes the combination of several words literally means no problem, but it will have other meanings.

  12. 克拉克Zac says


  13. E says

    That restaurant bit… Lmao!!!

  14. 中文사랑 says

    Please reply.. I got “日出” done a while back, but i want to add to it by putting “愛” and “家” above it, will that be okay? If you can read chinese would you read them as separate words like they are or would they become something else? I know some Chinese and I would read them individually.

  15. Laura Reitz says


  16. Zaraerae Smith says

    You're a king

  17. Paul Caldwell says

    I have the symbol for the Tao tattooed below my neck where a Christian would have a cross hanging from a necklace. I also have the characters for Tai Chi Chuan tattooed down my right forearm.

  18. NoaTsu says

    How tf did I find the guy from Generation Tech, but like 5 years ago? XD

  19. Kai Po says

    Why words or letters are so popular to tattoo?

  20. Relax says

    About the zodiac, in all zodiacs: 虎tiger 龙dragon are very cool animals, always be used on great people; 牛 ox/cow in Chinese have a meaning as “awesome”; 鼠mouse 兔rabbit 蛇snake 馬horse 羊sheep 猴monkey are just normal ones which don’t have weird meaning in Chinese; 狗dog 豬pig sometimes will be used to describe some small nobody may not so positive; the worst one is 雞roaster, as it has a similar pronunciation as the character which means “prostitute” in Chinese, prostitutes are also called “雞”.

  21. Christopher Robin says

    What's the name of the app at 3:22?

  22. yilong liu says

    坏男孩 does mean bad boy. its correct

  23. marlen saenz-silva says


  24. Cultist says

    so your biased against simple tattoos?
    fucking hilarious.

    but i really do hate tattoos in general.

  25. Anky _Singhania 7176 says


  26. JiuJitsu Boar P says

    I'm sad to tell you that溜冰 can also mean smoking Crystal meths in street language lol, I think that's what the tat artist really mean

  27. Guinéa mignon pig says

    And also have seen people tattooed "big butt" just for misinterpretation , it's not "Thic"

  28. Guinéa mignon pig says

    "溜冰"means cracking and then go to clubs dance and shaking head, it comes from 80's, sorry northern Chinese

  29. Guinéa mignon pig says

    I've seen one tattooed "I'm a dessert" on the back

  30. Tc Linn says

    I saw a plump Caucasian guy sporting a Chinese character tattoo, 胖子 (translation: fat guy). He said the tattoo artist told him it meant "strong guy."

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