Kevin Paul Tattoo – Tattooist of the Stars

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A montage showing some of the celebrities that Kevin has tattooed

  1. Lynne Heal says

    Kool  thank you  for  sharing .

  2. nicole lasnier says

    my aston love you bby boy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

  3. Kasha Merrygold says

    Did you see when he was tattooing Aston? Ed sheeran? Rizzle Kicks? Amazing. I love the tattoo's he does on Aston, There perfect xxx

  4. Kasha Merrygold says

    He's amazing xx

  5. Cherie Vella says

    i love Harley's tattoo. Amazing!

  6. Mariskaalove says

    You're so good!!

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