Kevin Paul Tattoo – Kev's Work

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A video showing some of the work done by award winning tattoo artist Kevin Paul.

  1. Lynnie Heal says

    Thank you for  sharing  I love tattoos  .I know where  to have  any done  now that I  want  doing .

  2. Niall Burton says

    Met him today, great guy with some sick sleeves

  3. Siobhan Moore says

    awesome work kevin i love this slide show x

  4. Beth Fowler says

    Holy fuck.

  5. Constantina Karaniki says

    For fuck's sake, he's too good.

  6. Leonard Flavien says

    yeah because you're his mother

  7. NiallsSolo says

    woah, amazing, but please tell harry to not do weird stuff, cause we love him, and anything he does is his choice, but we don't want harry to over do his body with tatto's <3

  8. male891 says

    Woah! This shit is awesome!!

  9. Victoria Lyn says

    His attention to detail is amazing.

  10. carmen ramirez says

    OMG..amazing I love tatto and Harry Styles forever (:

  11. Larry ok says

    My emotions for Harry's sleeve tattoo are a mix of excited and scared.. I wonder what it's going to look like…

  12. Beatriz Quiroz says

    Too bad he want's a half sleeve.

  13. meron says

    uhm do you think he's going to listen to you omg. and HARRY'S the one that asked for the sleeve tattoo….

  14. widdajane says

    Amazing color work! The detail of shading, b/w & uning negative space is great. Would love to get a piece done by you when I head back to the UK..hopefully next year.

  15. Nan난 says

    Do not make any big tattoo on Harry.

  16. Nan난 says

    Do not make any big tattoo on Harry.

  17. jakedanx says

    So good bud!

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