Popular Greek Tattoo Designs

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Are you thinking about getting a great Greek tattoo but aren’t sure where to begin?

Do you want the design to be as dynamic as possible?

If so, it will benefit you to know what some of the most popular Greek tattoo designs are and where to find them.

Interestingly, tattoos were a form of punishment in ancient Greece. Today they are a great way to express your heritage or your love of Greek customs and mythology. Greek tattoos are colourful and expressive, turning eyes everywhere.

Greek Key Tattoos

Key pattern tattoos are very popular and one of the simpler designs. In ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the key pattern was used as a decorative border. When incorporated in Greek tattoo designs, the key pattern is considered to be a continuous sign of the circle of life. It is commonly used as a border and works well with Celtic designs also.

Greek Words and Phrases

Greek alphabet symbols are also very popular. They’re very are elegant and stylish and are a great way to create many different designs. Most popular are the traditional symbols used in fraternity and sorority names; Alpha, Beta, Delta, Sigma and Phi are the most commonly used.

An interesting way of using these alphabet symbols and words is to combine phrases with other figures such as geckos or dragons. Phrases are also commonly used as armbands or wristbands. A frequently used phrase is “Pistis, Elpis, agape” which means Faith, hope, love.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Greek mythology is full of incredible stories of gods and goddesses that make awesome tattoo designs. You can design tattoos that reflect your favourite story and figure, or possibly reflect what’s going on in your life. Zeus and Apollo are some of the more popular gods. Aphrodite and Athena make great goddess designs.

If you’re looking for a mythology design it is beneficial to spend a little time researching the characters and settings of ancient myths. That way you can be assured that your design is right for you before you go under the gun!

Keep in mind that tattoo parlours oftentimes have very simple and basic designs available that will get you in and out quickly. Do your research carefully if you want the most unique tattoo for you.

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