Hardest Body Parts to Tattoo

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Tattooing the neck is very complicated, there are several factors involved that make it an area, not for amateurs. The first problem with tattooing the neck is there is no good place to rest the hand while tattooing. The positioning is awkward and the tattoo artist will often have to pivot there wrist and float their elbow, which is the polar opposite of the usual tattooing position. The skin of the neck is also very thin and has to be worked carefully or the ink will bleed out of the lines easily.

The foot poses problems

Doing tattooing on the foot can be a real nightmare. Some people have decent skin on the foot that takes the ink very well but some people have leather-like feet that fight ink penetration at every step. Even with ideal skin tissue, the foot poses problems in that theirs no good place to rest the palm and wrist while tattooing.

Tattooing the pantie line is difficult not because of the skin but the placement. The skin around the pantie line is ideal for tattooing it stretches nicely and retains colour well. The problem with the pantie line is that it’s an awkward area to tattoo as the artist must always watch the placement of there hands and do a professional job.

Swelling, bleeding, ink retention and ink penetration

Face tattoos either in the form of designs or as facial makeup is probably the most complex area of the body to tattoo. There are issues with swelling, bleeding, ink retention and ink penetration. The flesh on the face is fatty and the ink tends to spread easily, great care and a skilled hand are required for facial tattooing.

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