A little Advice Before You Get a Tattoo

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Tattoos have become an incredible phenomenon today. Not too many years ago it seems tattoos were just for a select crowd like bikers and the fringes of society.

Well, times have changed and anywhere you go today you will see boys and girls, men and women, young or old sporting a tattoo or two or three.
Getting a tattoo is a long-term commitment and getting the wrong tattoo that you were inspired at the time to have applied can be a nightmare.

When I was in my late teens I was in Amsterdam, Holland and had the name of my favourite rock band tattooed on my arm, a few years later I was sorry for making that decision.

Apply a temporary tattoo

Of course, you can have a tattoo removed with laser surgery, but who wants to go through all that when you can apply a temporary tattoo and test it out to see if you can live with it for your whole lifetime.

Now that I am older and hopefully wiser I have a few more tattoos but I just did not get inspired about something on a whim and head to the tattoo shop and get inked. I had an idea for a tattoo design and I purchased some temporary tattoo paper, printed the design out, applied it to my arm, wore it around for a week and then had a very good idea if I was making the right decision or not.

As it turns out I liked it and went to my favourite tattoo artist and now it is a part of me that lives on my forearm.

Tattoo ideas that have gone bad

We all know the warning about drinking and driving, well the same applies to get tattooed, do not drink and get tattooed. I think the majority of tattoo ideas that have gone bad were a product of good intentions and alcoholic beverages.

So do yourself a favour before you go out and get inked, try out your tattoo idea on some temporary tattoo paper, you will not be sorry that you did.

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