HallowInk: Part II

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Clint’s unfamiliarity with gore makes his chainsaw wound tattoo a bloody nightmare. Cleen’s canvas’s wild idea gives him the chills.

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  1. Jason Jay Felisan says

    The tattoo artists' reaction made me laugh

  2. Maerahn says

    Ummm…. have these canvases thought this through? They do know tattoos are permanent, right?

  3. Penelope Views says

    I like Halloween as much as the next freak, but this is a little much. Even for me.

  4. Jalaine Alvarez says

    Who are they all dressed as

  5. Jori Tabaku says

    Everybody:what the hell are the canvases thinking?or why would you do this?

    Me:really Dave?you went for crocks?with that colour?

  6. ImangoJango says

    Dad Navarro

  7. shanice douglas says

    What she need is therapy lol lol

  8. M. Smith says

    These canvases are dumb as hell, just get special effects makeup

  9. Coconut Sadface says

    I wonder what tattoo they're censoring at 2:19

  10. Mackenzie C-O says

    WHY?! I do sfx makeup and I can guarantee NOBODY would want this permanently!!! ARE THEY OKAY?!

  11. Mackenzie C-O says

    WHY?! I do sfx makeup and I can guarantee NOBODY would want this permanently!!! ARE THEY OKAY?!

  12. Ava Honigman says

    "What she wants is nuts, what she needs is therapy" WAIT ACTUALLY ME TALKING TO MYSELF ABOUT MY FUTURE LIFE DECISIONS

  13. ScottishDiva says

    Cutthroat artists. Haha, Peck. Haha.

  14. Clorox Bleach says

    Wtf are these canvases

  15. Clorox Bleach says

    Why are they dressed like that they look fucking awesome

  16. Kevin Burton says

    Misty from pokemon has gone through some tough times

  17. ot juli says

    No judging, but really why would you want a wound as a tattoo?
    Tattoo people, explain it pls

  18. High RPM says

    R I P Clint

  19. Zombie3110bd says

    Not used to seing dave in anything but black
    But maybe that's the scary part.

  20. coqper coper says

    "What she needs is some taropy" im done

  21. Maximiliano Novoa says

    St marq or clean rock one

  22. StarScream 13 says


  23. The PS4 commentator says

    yeahhh first

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