Forest life – Tattoo (Normal speed+time lapse)

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The tattoo I did in 3 hours, using 7RL,9RS,13M1, stigma and dragonfly tattoo machines, and intense ink.

Thanks for watching!

Song: Sekai – Somebody

  1. Frank DiMarco says

    where is the point, a video accelerated so much, it makes absolutely no sense to look.

  2. StyleMVideo says

    Trop fort

  3. Dylan Tatta says

    It looks like a cow but it's still nice

  4. mr fun says

    What are u useing to lube the skin please

  5. Sava Nedev says

    Florin I love your left arm tattoo/sleeve. Can you do a video of yourself showing it to us and perhaps explaining it?

  6. Khushboo Singh says

    wow it's amazing

  7. Andrei Dan says


  8. mateusz przychodzki says

    Hey you're still using talens dawing ink for shading??? ,In proportion as you showed

  9. Infinity Ink tattoo says

    Sou fã desse cara, melhor tatuador… muito bom esse videos seu.

  10. Maskofmadness says

    How u do that at 1.35? Whenever i do move like that its too dark and scratchy.. any advice? I do it with light sumy? How u blend that nice?

  11. Czarnelwy says

    Mag 30mm? 35mm?

  12. Raekwon Carrion says

    Where are you located?

  13. Edas Tattoo says

    nice girl

  14. OldGoodGamer says

    Ce fain ar fi aratat colorat.

  15. Dezzy J. says

    felicitări, sper că arată bine fata:)

  16. vashti says

    I'm new to your channel. where do you tattoo at?

  17. TheRedVinyls says

    Great work man! Do you use true black for your grey wash? Thanks

  18. Fernando Cabrera says

    good bro!

  19. Manwlis Papailiakis says

    should I use more than tattoo gun? I use just one.
    btw amazing work!

  20. - Ark - says

    what was she trying to do with her hand? :O 0:41

  21. Isidora Morales says

    Thank you so much for your videos, I learn somthing new in each one! <3
    Greetings from Barcelona!

  22. Erick Ramos says

    Awesome tattoo as always!

  23. Michael Daury says

    Nice work looks great wow

  24. _R C says

    Wow…I learn a lot from you, brother, I wish all the best for you! strong hug!

  25. Isaac Denomy says

    Nice intro mate

  26. BroLy Gameplays1vs1 says

    Great Job! ;D

  27. rinco673 says

    Me impressiono com a simplicidade como tu tatua mano, pra mim e acho que pra muitos outros temos varios tipos de complicações na hora de tatuar e você parece que faz em um papel

  28. RST says

    Salut! La minutul 3:00 folosesti o singura nuanta de negru cand umpli frunzele?



  30. raul ionut says

    cu ce ungi tatuajul când il faci?sau nu folosești nimic ?

  31. Marcin Durbajlo says

    Hi mate! please make some more normal speed videos. I learn a lot from you! thanx! regards from Australia 😉

  32. Zea Vid says

    Good tattoo

  33. bostin06 says


  34. Josue Irias says

    what mag size did you use on this tattoo?

  35. jacaughron55 says


  36. M LE says

    thank you.

  37. Michael says

    Dude your shading is amazing!

  38. Kevin Greene says

    Amazing work! Still my favorite parts of the videos are when he slows it down to normal speed because it's helped me tons on my technique! Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming!

  39. Amauris Rodriguez says

    keep making these videos! very helpful!!!

  40. Vuded Tonkpils says

    Foarte frumos , esti foarte talentat , ador fiecare tatuaj pe care l ai facut pana acum . Continua tot asa !!!

  41. jejeh tatuador says

    like like curti gostei

  42. TATMONEY says

    very nice bro!!

  43. Talewale Lo says

    great work really love the shading

  44. Richard Luna says

    I think you could've done better with the shading and with some areas with lining man.

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