Ep #2 EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Crosby & Mel Try Saving Their Friendship | The Charlotte Show 2

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Rating:4.81|View Time:5:14Minutes|Likes:991|Dislikes:40
Melissa is trying to save her friendship with Charlotte and goes to London to have a very important conversation with her.
It’s time for these besties to be friends again!

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  1. MTV International says

    Are you glad they are besties again?

  2. Michael and Ricache Franke says

    Charlotte needs to get rid of mel she is toxic

  3. gravilo pricip says

    Are all British women hideous beasts?

  4. Mike Tyson says

    Melissa is jealous of charlotte Melissa needs to worry about losing some weight lol

  5. jasmine bell says

    Melissa is not a true friend, she made Charlotte feel worthless, Charlotte is lovely and not selfish what so ever

  6. B G says

    It's soo obvious Mel is jealous af not only of Charlotte looking bomb af but also her lifestyle. C doesn't owe you anything hunny. Be a Jordyn Woods aka Kylie Jenner bestie cause that's all you'll be. Charlottes friend. Nothing else.

  7. Charlotte Pinkham says

    where can i watch this episode online?

  8. bran says

    mel really pisses me off, she's so self centered like it's all about her does my nut in

  9. Laura TT says

    oh my god charlotte looks horrendous

  10. lol says

    mel’s annoying

  11. Kelly Star says

    What happened to charlottes nose? It looks pinched and too skinny….it doesn’t fit her face…big eyes, big cheeks, big lips….. itty bitty nose

  12. Rebecca kent says

    Mel is a shit friend

  13. Sarah Helm says

    I dont like Mel at all if you wanted her that much you would ring her. I would ring my best friend and let them know not post it on facebook. I think Mel is far too possessive

  14. Harry Debenham says

    Thick everywhere

  15. Jess says

    don’t like mel tbh, v toxic

  16. Alfonso Sámano says

    Both girls are disgusting. Ewww.

  17. Alfonso Sámano says

    Triple chin

  18. Alfonso Sámano says

    Ewwww. Fucking fat as pig

  19. Kelly Marie says

    God such jealousy, jog on Mel.

  20. michael Fenn says

    Amazed this show even exists….a barmaid who pisses herself and cheats on every guy, gets lucky on gshore…..then yousad fucks think shes a great person lol

  21. Sarah Bowyer says

    Mel is annoying as fuck

  22. Jessie Smith says

    The fake lips & butts steal the show ..

  23. Frankkkie says

    Mels a twat if she had wanted a quick response from charlotte she should have privately messaged her rather then putting that her uncle died all over social media ffs. There’s no need to put any blame on her jeeezz

  24. Crab Burger says

    What the f**k is wrong with this nation?? Do we really find any entrainment in following this puffy faced hoe and her hangers on through their so called bullshit day 2 day life..oh f**king dear there is no hope at all for this sad forsaken land we live on…

  25. Nic says

    She's lucky to even be on this ridiculous show

  26. 600firefly1 says

    What did she post on social media?

  27. Matt Costa says

    Charlotte is a complete whore but I’d still fk her

  28. D L says

    It must be hard to be friends since childhood and then one becomes famous, and it DOES change a person, but I think Charlotte has a huge heart and wants her friend in her life still. Mel needs to sort out her issues and accept this is just how life is now.

  29. princess amber says

    Mel need to watch the fit dvd of Charlotte lol

  30. Diogenes The Cynic says

    The DUFF

  31. Leah Forde says

    I think Mel is going through a lot in her life at the moment and has taken it out on Charlotte x

  32. grdn rs says

    what did Mel say about Charlotte tho?

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