13 Dumbest Tattoos Of All Time #2

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From Justin Bieber tramp stamps to moms who get their necks tattooed on radio, we count 13 of the dumbest tattoos people ever got

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Sunny Side Up

  1. TheMysterySquad says

    those people are gonna feel PAIN

    After i force them to get their tattoos off

    with the laser thingy’s that take of tattoos of course!!

  2. C W says

    Dude, You are Hilarious! I want you to be my life coach.

  3. Hildah Moleleki says


  4. revinevan87 says

    #7 IT'S A SPIDER

  5. Nathan Case says

    I think I will just stick to a wolf tattoo on my arm.

  6. Ben Paul says

    Number 10 is just a haircut

  7. DominusLuna says

    If you have an ugly kid, don't get a picture of it's face tattoo'd where anyone can see it.

  8. Dalton Pinell says

    Did anyone else think the onion tattoo was a vagoo?

  9. yaman daduces says

    Number 2 was on the last one about this.

  10. Jax says

    Isn't that Nikki manaj one a hair cut?

  11. Maraia Petrova says

    I like firs tatto❤️ #BelieberFOREVER

  12. Bearplayz9 ! says

    Pringle you the one!

  13. Mz Kittie says

    Ugly hair art. Not ink.

  14. Djordje Mijucic says

    Horee shitoo

  15. Laerr says

    Legit thought that onion was a vagina.

  16. RBEO22 says


  17. Mary Pelton says

    That was an onion?

  18. Kendall Mackenzie says

    5:47 I get it because wheres shima?

  19. Devon wells says

    to the one's who thought the onion was lady parts? Wow you be seeing some nasty ass ponanas.

  20. Larry Sheridan says

    The last one ain't bad you can just let your hair down

  21. Larry Sheridan says

    The six one freaking crazy

  22. Larry Sheridan says

    People so stupid

  23. utolckman succ says

    Thinked you all was beter than thid

  24. aerodynamichotdog says


  25. Warmish Trout says


  26. Tiger The Egalitarian says

    #10 was actually just how his hair is shaved.

  27. PuppeteerGaming says

    Drake was in the first video

  28. Alexis Kirkland says

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY another emarrassing tattoo video. I love making fun people horrilable life choices, yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy stuiped motherfuckers. hehehehehehehehahahahahaha. ( Sorry, I lauged at the stuiped motherfuckers part.) <3 I bet you now in 2017 they problem regret there tattoo. 🙂

  29. wallerdog says

    I don't know. Someone told me I could have 10K subscribers by the end of the year. Hahaha! I'm looking at probably 2500 by years end, so I said that if I reached 10K by end of 2017 I'd get a Tank Tramp Stamp tattoo. Why not? I won't reach 10K by then, anyway so I've got nothing to lose. Besides, I think a tank tattoo would be cool., don't you?

  30. eva says

    I'm gonna go and check out those parodies now.

  31. Nacho Pop's says

    dude thats clearly. a hair cut and thats also spider gosling mofo are you high??

  32. Tony Martin says

    i have a tattoo of a dragon on my shoulder and chest –hanzo

  33. Tigron101 says

    I think Disturbed's band logo would make a kick-ass tattoo.

  34. zimmygirl777 says

    Uh Atreyu?

  35. Frogette says

    those poor ppl with J.B. tattoo better spend those money to kids with cancer.

  36. Austin miller says

    The last one I can understand

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