The Epitome Of Tattoo Art: Famous Tattoo Artists

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The popularity of tattoos as an art form is on the rise. It has broken the barriers and the stereotypes that it previously had and is fast becoming one of the most sought after art form. More people are choosing to express yourself through a tattoo as they represent an indelible symbol of who a person and many times what they stand for.

Just as in it is in any art form, there are tattoo artists who stand out from the rest. Such artists are symbols of excellence and stand as the best in the field, making them famous. Herein are a few of the famous artists in the world.

Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw – He is responsible for Naomi Campbell’s, Jonny Depp’s, Vanilla Ice, and David Lee Roth’s body art. Although he has scaled down the amount of work he does, he is vastly sort after in New York, Brazil and LA.

Bang Bang – Bang is responsible for some of the most dazzling tattoos around and his clients are like a who’s who in Hollywood. The celebrity list includes Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and many more. He has featured on CNN, E!, People magazine and TMZ thanks to his work. He is particularly famous for his ultra-realistic tattoos that appear more like pictures than tattoos.

Louis Molloy

Louis Molloy – No list of famous tattoo artists is complete with a mention of Louis. This British tattoo artist has worked on some of the most famous sleeve tattoos in Europe. Based in Manchester, he is responsible for David Beckham’s tattoos. He has also featured in London Ink.

Mario Barth – Mario is well known in Hollywood, having worked on some of Hollywood’s A-listers. His work dons the skin of Tommy Lee, Sylvester Stallone, Usher and many more. He is currently opening a new ambitious studio in Las Vegas called Starlight Tattoo, its located in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, one of the world’s largest hotels and winner of the Meeting News Planner’s Choice award for three of the past four years.

And now for some female tattoo artists

Hannah Aitchison

Hannah AitchisonHannah Aitchison is a very prominent figure at various tattoo convection around the world, showcasing her craftsmanship. She is famous for the being a judge in Best Ink and appearing on LA Ink.

Kim Saigh – Kim is an American tattoo artist based in LA. She started off her trade in Chicago, later moving to LA to work at High Voltage Tattoos. While at High Voltage Tattoos, she has featured in LA Ink, a reality show aired by TLC.

Joey Pang

Joey Pang – Joey Pang is a Hong Kong based female tattoo artist with a knack for producing some of the best Chinese themed tattoos. She has featured on AP and CNN, illustrating her position as one of the best tattoo artists of her generation.

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