Common Japanese Tattoo Designs

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Common Japanese Tattoo DesignsWhen choosing Japanese tattoo designs, it’s important to select something that has special meaning to you, and that you can hold dear as you go throughout your life. As you evaluate tattoo artists, consider working with one who has Japanese heritage, or who has experience working with Japanese tattoo art. This may help you to end up with a higher quality tattoo design that you can be proud of as you go through life. Choose art with vibrant colors and clean lines that stands out well against your skin.

Many individuals choose a Japanese tattoo design that has a symbolic meaning.

Let’s examine several common Japanese tattoo designs and their meanings


The Japanese Kitsune, or nine tailed fox, is known as an intelligent, magical trickster. It is rarely seen, but when it is, it is viewed as an auspicious sign. Individuals may choose this tattoo as a sign of good luck or good fortune, or to represent a specific individual in their life that they view as magical or a trickster.


The phoenix is viewed as a symbol of spiritual rebirth, as it is known for bursting into flame and birthing itself again from the ashes. This cycle repeats itself over and over throughout the phoenix’s existence, and many individuals choose the tattoo as a symbol of a significant event in their life.

Koi Carp

These brightly colored fish are found throughout Japan, and are quite popular throughout the country. They are known for their insistence on swimming upstream no matter the circumstances, and tattoos of the fish are often chosen to symbolize bravery, power, and independence. They may also be chosen to symbolize good luck and good fortune.

Cherry Blossoms

Japanese cherry blossoms are a fleeting symbol of spring and are celebrated throughout the nation with festivals. They are chosen by many individuals for a tattoo to symbolize renewal, fresh starts, and also the fleeting nature of life. They are often used as an element in commemorative tattoos, as well, after the death of a loved one. This tattoo element fits well with mythical elements, Japanese skulls, and more.

If you’re interested in a Japanese tattoo designs, consider the meaning carefully and choose one that fits both your life and the meaning that you prefer. Select a talented tattoo artist in your area that has experience working with Japanese artwork, so that they can do the art style the justice it deserves.

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