Tattoo Designs The New Era

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The New era in tattoo designs

Tattoos are more and more in style, and when you are searching for tattoo designs, you will find a new breed of tattoo artist that has been exploring the world in search of inspiration to allow them to create these strikingly beautiful tattoo designs. These artisans are not your run of the mill paint by numbers tattooist they are the cream of the tattoo profession.

In current times the tattoos encapsulating feeling, have been rediscovered. The time-honoured western tattoo designs, which had nearly become extinct, are now in huge demand once more and are being re-found by tattoo devotes.

 Tattoo design and their origins

The oldest known tattoo is that found on a Bronze Age warrior who lived some five thousand three hundred years ago the remains were found in 1991 preserved in the ice of a glacier on the border of Austria and Italy. The preserved body had fifty-seven different tattoos; no one knows their significance; it is possible that his intersecting and parallel lines are the earliest yet discovered example of tribal art tattoos.

As we know the talent of tattooing is as old as time itself, but the design style has continually evolved and grown and therefore increased its demand in popular culture. The tattoo revival started in the 1960s, and during that period lots of the tattoo artists had done an art degree and had a broad vision of the art of tattooing and its potential.

 Choosing an authentic design

A tattoo and its design, in my opinion, is an extremely private thing, getting marked on the body is not something you should do without due consideration. I have witnessed dozens of folks go out, get a tattoo on a whim, and live to regret it.

 Tattoo mistakes people make

Unless you are a total loser, you would never decide on a tattoo on a whim from the first place you see. It would be best if you looked around. You finally got the balls to get a tattoo. You are probably excited about the idea and can’t wait to go in to get inked for the first time.

The top choice you now have to make is with your design. Even if it is your first tattoo and you feel that you are just experimenting, extra precautions should be made. A tattoo design will live with you forever, and this undertaking cannot be taken lightly at all.

Getting the perfect tattoo can be a painful process, and I am not just talking about being inked. All the probing, the hassle of it all. Going from one tattoo place to another, looking at their flash books and not seeing anything you like. On to the next tattoo parlour and then you have enough of all the crap, getting a tattoo was thought to be easy. Then you do the UNTHINKABLE you settle for something that is not quite right, but you have that second rate tat anyway.

Please don’t do it, as you have seen tattoos have a long and historical position in our society we have adorned our bodies for thousands and thousands of years. Getting the wrong tattoo is an insult to our long and glories heritage. Tattoos and their designs can be classed as a form of human cultural identity they cross-race sex and class barriers and form a large part of the cultural development of many races on this magnificent planet of ours.

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