Sun and Moon Tattoos – Meanings and Ideas For Tattoo Designs

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There is just something about sun and moon tattoos that attract both the male and female tat enthusiasts to have them proudly inked on their body. Must be the meaning itself, or perhaps the vivid colours or maybe the sunny disposition it can exude. Whatever the reason might be, this type of tat theme will definitely continue to be brought to life on human canvasses by talented tattoo artists of any generation.

The sun and moon, even before becoming a regular item seen on body art, have always played a role in imagery. For many cultures around the world, the sun is the epitome of male energy, light and warmth while the moon is the symbol of female mystery and creation. When combined as design, they are seen as a union of two opposites coming together as one to create harmony and balance. They are a representation of the dual sides of humanity that are needed in order to achieve balance and stability.

These two amazing symbols are both symbolic of death and rebirth. The sun has its daily rising and setting while the moon has its monthly waxing and waning. It is the sun’s energy that can warm the earth and causes the crops to ripen while its the moon’s gravity that can influence the waters and control the flow of tides. Indeed, these two elements work together to put everything in balance and perfect harmony.

Sun and moon tattoos can be executed in a whole lot of ways; from bright to vivid colours to full black ink in thick or thin lines. They can be done as the simple sun and moon tattoo or they can be inked in detailed lines and drawings. They can also be combined with other elements such as stars, flowers, tribal lines and zodiac symbols

When it comes to locations of sun and moon tattoos, they can be best tattooed on the nape or back of the neck, upper back, chest, arm, feet, lower stomach, hip or lower back. With the great representation that this tattoo design possesses, you should not waste such a potential image for artistic tat piece. Find a suitable place to get your tat image and discuss everything with your tattoo artist.

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