Ideas On Tattoos – Henna Tattoo Designs

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The increasing popularity of the henna tattoo is due to many reasons.

One reason would be that not all people are really sure they want a permanent, good for the rest of your life tattoo. Many people want to experiment with the idea of having a tattoo before committing to it for the rest of their lives. Since the henna does not penetrate the outer layer of the skin, it will fade over time and finally disappear.

While the henna tends to produce only dark colours, it can be made into several shades, all of which are dark. On the outside limits, the henna impression could last about a month before fading. But in reality, it will probably last no more than 7 to 10 days depending on how good the artist was who did the work.

The number of pictures or designs available is only limited to the imagination of the artist. Most designs are influenced by the region of the world is pictured. The ink used comes from the powdered leaves of the henna plant. Most tattoos like this have very open and flower-like designs made into very feminine type patterns.

Because there is virtually no pain involved in the placing of this type of tattoo on the body, there are no limitations as to exactly where they can be put. However, in actual practice tattoos on the upper extremities are the easiest to do, and tattoos on the very lowest extremities on the body are the hardest to do. By far, the hand is the most popular location for placement than all the other possibilities.

Perhaps a very positive trait of the henna tattoo is its reputation for being safe to apply on the body.

Unlike a real permanent tattoo, there is no threat of possible infection because of germs on the needle. Because there is no penetration of the ink below the outer layer of the skin, there is no cause for alarm due to any infections.

Also, since most of us are not big fans of suffering through a long and painful application process that can go on for hours, the totally painless application process is a big plus. In addition to that, we all have a little fear that we will make the wrong choice for our first tattoo and regret what we have done forever. Since the henna is only there for a week or two before fading, we don’t have to be concerned with having to live with something we really do not like.

The only proper ink colour foe the henna tattoo is the brown colour as there are many harmful ingredients contained in black ink. So, if it is suggested to you that black ink is the way to go, just say NO. At least with the henna, it is suggested that only the brownish colours be used and to avoid the use of red like colours and of course no black ink.

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