Sell Online: Turn Your Tattoo Designs Into Money

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Selling your tattoo designs doesn’t mean you have to build your tattoo store in a mall or anywhere else. For the first-time sellers, it is recommended to sell tattoo designs on the Internet first and see how many of your target customer population would appreciate and purchase your original creations. In selling tattoo designs, you have to learn about the basics of joining the online community where people buy and sell tattoos.

Protect Your Items

Tattoo designs and other types of visual items can be easily copied if you’re not careful. Other people can duplicate your designs if your original designs are not protected. So, better get your designs copyrighted accordingly to prevent any business mishaps. Don’t forget that tattoo artists often get involved in legal problems because of failure to protect their works. Also, getting copyrights before you sell tattoos will help you determine if you have unknowingly copied another artist’s design, thereby giving you time to re-create your work and prevent legal consequences at the same time.

Show Your Designs to the World

Before, the works of tattoo artists can be viewed either going directly to their workplace or meeting them at a tattoo convention. Now, it’s easier for tattoo artists and sellers like you to sell tattoo designs as you can make your virtual portfolio. Using basic applications and programs like Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Paint, etc., you can already make various design portfolios according to the tattoos’ categories. Then, you can upload them to your web store on the Internet to be viewed by millions of people looking for new and authentic designs.

Begin Your Online Business

The first step in selling your tattoo designs online is to create a website of your own. Your website should contain a Homepage, which will show three to five original tattoo designs that can capture the attention of your target customers. Then, create an “About Us” page so that they will know about you and your business and learn about your legal operations. The subsequent web pages should bear your tattoo designs according to their respective categories. Also, it would be best if you incorporated a viable payment scheme wherein your customers can have the option to pay via online payment processors like PayPal or through credit or debit cards.

If you doubt opening a business website or a web store, you can count on online marketplaces like, where you can upload your designs and sell them either at full price or by auction.

Make Your Brand Known

To reach out to more of your target customers, you need to learn how to use effective techniques on advertising your brand, website and web store. Currently, the most efficient way of promoting your products online is through social media. Yes, now you can utilize your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts to get more leads to your website and sell tattoos. SEO specialists are also available for hire to help you spread about your tattoo design business.

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