Kokopelli Tattoos – How to Find a Unique Head Turning Design

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Kokopelli, the mythical prankster and joy bringer of the Southwestern Native Americans, is a great tattoo choice for someone who wants a unique design to complement their personality. This art form is truly one of a kind.

But it can be challenging to find quality Kokopelli tattoo designs they are starting to gain popularity, but aren’t a mainstream trend yet. Here are some ideas on how to find Kokopelli artwork that translates well as a tattoo.

Kokopelli is a flute-playing deity that is found in ancient petroglyphs throughout the Southwest. He is symbolic of all fertility and abundance crops, dreams, love, etc. He is also a trickster and a prankster.

How do you find Kokopelli tattoos?

One way is to search online for pictures of Southwestern petroglyphs to find genuinely authentic images of Kokopelli. You can use these images to come up with your unique tattoo designs.

Another way is to search through the tattoo design websites. The problem with this approach is most of these sites only offer boring and unoriginal designs. To make matters worse, most of these random images were never created to be tattoo art. As a result, they may look OK on paper but don’t translate well on the body.

The solution is to only deal with sites that showcase tattoo art created by professional tattoo artists. There is a tattoo artist who truly understands the Kokopelli art form and can translate it into original tattoo art. You may have to wade through the generic sites to find unique Kokopelli tattoos, but they do exist.

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