Hot Tattoo Ideas For Men – Do it Yourself Designs – Create Your Own

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Are you looking for something unique, individual and super ultra-cool? Tattoo designs have seen real growth over the last ten years with the invention of new bright colourful inks, loosening social acceptance of tattoo designs, the lifestyle and many DIY tattoo designers have helped sparked this growth. So how can you go about still finding something that is at the same time super unique, individual yet ultra-cool and hip? All too often men looking for tattoo design ideas fall to the overused flash at their local tattoo shop and end up getting the same, maybe cool today but soon to out design, which hundreds of others have gotten.

I am talking about the overused tribal black line works on the shoulder, the barbed wire around the upper arm and the tribal dragon style designs. Not that anything is wrong with these inherently. They started out life as well-intentioned tattoo designs that at the time were hip. However, after everyone and their brother have the same design they are no longer hip and just an old fad. Pretty soon your tattoo looks like old reruns of the Jefferson’s or Gilligan’s island kind of hokey and old fashioned.

So how can you prevent this and come up with cool ultra-unique tattoo design ideas for men?

Think Location, Location, Location

The first thing that you can do in planning for your ultra-cool original tattoo design is the location. There is always a new place son the body to get a tattoo. For example, the old forearm sailor tattoo has probably been overdone as a location. Unless you are going retro and giving a throwback in your tattoo design then try something different. The shoulder, chest and armband have all been done endlessly. For something unique think of different places that has not been overused. For example the calf muscle, rib cage, back of the bicep, etc. One of the things about the location is it often is dependent on the design also. So a pinup girl on the forearm is pretty unoriginal however a tribal turtle on the forearm is a lot more unique and original. Carefully consider where you want to get your tattoo placed and then take it to the next step.

Thinking Symbolism

The next step to a great tattoo design is to think about the symbolism of the tattoo. What thought, feeling, emotion to you want to symbolize? Do you want to show a life change that you have made, strength, power, and overcoming death? Whatever the mood, option, feeling or thought that you want to portray is there is probably some symbol that can be connected with it. For example, a skull or even a pile of skulls might represent a near-death experience. By thinking about the underlying thought or feeling you want to portray first you can then second find a design that works with that.

DIY Tweak and Alter

Now is the best part you can take some time once you have identified the location and the type of symbol you want to use in your tattoo and you can find other tattoos that fit those. It might be that you are looking for a skull tattoo design. So you find a bunch of other skull tattoos that others have gotten. You can then tweak it to fit your situation. Use your resources and either be a DIY, or a Do It Yourself type person and create your tattoo or hand over the resources to a professional and have them design the tattoo for you.

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