Female Tattoo Artists

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For centuries, the tattoo industry has been dominated by men, both as artist and canvas but over the last decade or so the body art industry has undergone a modern renaissance. The men have a new (and far prettier) rivals in the form of female tattoo artists, now we all know it can be hard to stand out in this world as a woman but these ladies have not only stood out but are damn amazing female tattoo artists.

Best female tattoo artists on the planet

And many a tattoo collector attest that there is nothing sexier than having an incredible female tattoo artist penetrate your skin with her ink stick.
The following women, are in our humble opinion the best female tattoo artists on the planet and are without a doubt the best at what they do and rightly so highly sought-after tattoo artists. Each of these female tattoo artists would give any male artist a real run for his money in competition and many already have.

Holding it down at some of the most popular tattoo parlours across the globe, they have clients travelling from around the world to get inked by them. When you see their work, you’ll want to get shaded all over again yourself. From style to sex appeal and straight-up talent, check out the varying appeal of the hottest female tattoo artists around.

Female Tattoo ArtistJen Beirola

Owner and operator of Grinn and Barrett, Jen Beirola is an east coast transplant who started her tattoo career in 2000 while serving a 7-year term in the Airforce. Jen has been featured in such national and international magazines as Savage, Tattoo Review, Pain, Prick, Tatuales (Mexico), International Skin Shots (UK) and Tattoo Revival (Australia) as well as several local and regional publications.

Famous Female Tattoo ArtistsNadine Bryant 

Nadine Bryant is the founder of Skinks Professional Tattoo Studio and is one of New Zealand’s most awarded tattoo artists. Her goal was to open a tattoo parlour that offered a friendly and welcoming environment, so someone getting a tattoo for the first time wouldn’t feel intimidated. Her shop delivers on that vision, and it even offers ground floor service for clients with disabilities. She has been featured in magazines including, Tattoo Candy, Tattoos Down under, Tattoo Revival, Australian Tattoo, Skin Deep and Custom Tattoos to name but a few.

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