Famous Tattoo Artists in London

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There are many world Famous Tattoo Artists in London these days as the popularity of body art increases there. The UK may only be a small island but probably has one of the largest multicultural society in the world today, and as such the styles and influences of the body, art are just as diverse and varied as its population! Tattoos have become a must-have fashion accessory for many young Brits, it seems that everyone from contestants on the latest TV reality show to the premiership footballers has a tattoo of some kind adorned on their body.

London has always been a hub for fashion, art and the weird

It appears that body art is exploding there in nearly every major city and with it, there have sprung up some very famous tattoo artists. These new studios are a far cry from the traditional studios of old in a back room somewhere all dark and moody, no-no these studios are bright, modern and in the local high streets. Some of the artist working in studios in the UK have become famous and renowned all over the world due to their art and passion.

London has always been a hub for fashion, art and the weird so it’s no surprise that it has some of the world’s best tattoo studios and parlours – with top artists such as Nikole Lowe, Saira Hunjan, Naresh Bhana and Mo Coppoletta.

Famous Tattoo Artists London Studio List

Here are just a few tattoo artists studios we have found in London, this list is by no means definitive, and we cannot endorse them in any way, it is simply a list to help you find a tattoo artist in

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Famous Tattoo Artists London

Once the preserve of sailors, criminals, and outsiders, tattoos are now so common getting a tattoo no longer raises eyebrows, neither does choose a career as a tattoo artist for that matter! And this change in thinking has trickled through to the studios themselves which were at one time often thought of as uninviting places. But now after visiting a few of these famous tattoo artists in London, it is clear that they are highly motivated to change the age-old image of parlours being grimy intimidating places. Many of the new tattoo shops strive to create inviting and engaging vibes as soon as you enter, with efficient waiting areas, large selections of flash books to browse and comfortable seated areas to wait in.

Tattoo artists in London are very friendly

The tattoo artists in London are very friendly, lively and down to earth and they like to keep a close relationship with their clients which often involves quite a bit of banter. But this just adds to the charm and makes the customer feel less threatened.

There is a growing number of people who just love to have their skin inked by a female tattoo artist. There is an increasing number of female tattoo artists in London and indeed the UK, in general, some of which have gained worldwide recognition.

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