What to look for in a Famous Tattoo Artist

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With the sheer number of gifted tattoo artists these days it can be quite daunting to try and find a talented artist who you trust to ink your body. It is only by understanding how tattoo artists work that you will be able to get an idea regarding who stands as the best artist in the case of your needs.

There are two main types of artists available, these are professional artists and sketchers.


Professionals or Sketchers

Professional tattoo artists are people who have received formal training in the art of tattoo making. Sketchers, on the other hand, are individuals that are artistically gifted but have no formal training in tattooing. One is not necessarily better than the other but a professional will ensure that they maintain a sterile environment and generally have a shop or studio which they work from.

What should you look for in a tattoo artist?


Professionalism for good health

We live in an era that is characterized by numerous infectious diseases, so its paramount that you pay attention to the hygiene standards of the tattoo studio. Things like sterilizing equipment used like needles and the use of sterile wipes should be standard practice and not an afterthought, this kind of thing puts the professionals apart from the rest and means you’re much less likely to suffer later on from infections.


Delivers the expected

Looking for a tattoo artist that has been responsible for balanced results is ideal. Clients should not expect miracles when looking for a tattoo. They should select a tattoo artist that is specialized in the type of tattoo that one desires. Portrait tattoo artists are often not good in inscription tattoos or cartoon tattoos thus the need to select ideal tattoo artists.


Costs involved

When selecting a tattoo artist, seek to get a quote for the tattoo type you want. If the price is too high, simply forget about that tattoo artist and try another one, if you get several quotes and they’re all too high then probably a sign that you should not go ahead and learn to live without.

What you simply must NOT do is go shopping around to the cheapest tattoo artist, you can and will find cheaper alternatives (including the sketchers) who will ultimately put your life at risk. Remember a tattoo is not as valuable as a healthy life!

If it was a big tattoo that was expensive, maybe you can tone it down a bit to a simpler, smaller, yet still attractive tattoo which is affordable?


Stretching artists

When settling for a tattoo artist, you want to get one who is in a position to stretch their abilities but overly so. You do not just want a drawing inked on your body, you should be looking for an amazing piece of artwork which represents you in artistic form. Getting a tattoo artist that can put creativity into art will deliver an excellent tattoo. You need someone with skills in working with different body types as this one will tailor the art piece to suit your body type.


The studio quality

Before settling on a tattoo artist, you should visit the artist’s studio and view some of their work, this will give you a feel for how the work and whether or not you like the kind of tattoos they have previously created.

A well-organized studio means that you will be able to access quality services that are hygienic and safe. However, an unkempt studio is a big red flag and should be avoided as its likely that they do not follow proper safety and hygienic practices which will put your health at risk.


Updated: 23/07/2019

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