The Sexiest Designs and Ideas For Upper and Lower Backs

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By now I am sure you have heard and seen a result of the whole phenomena that was prevalent throughout the 1990′ of the lower back tattoo. At the time this was the new hot and hip location to get a tattoo design. However, these days with so many women having lower back tattoos many are venturing into other territories of their body to get tattooed. One of the more popular trends is actually still a back tattoo for women.

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However instead of the lower back area many women these days are choosing sexy upper back tattoo designs specifically created for women.
Yes, the upper back tattoo has been the main location to get a large tattoo design done for years and it is kind of an old fashioned or traditional tattoo design area. However, with the advent of new inks and new designs the upper back and full back tattoos for women are growing really popular.

Literary Written and Word Tattoos – Of course word tattoos have been around forever and a day. However, one of the more recent and popular developments in written and word tattoos is they are now taking centre stage. It used to be the words that were used to embellish the overall graphic tattoo.

These days the word or saying and font is now the central part of the tattoo and there often is not even a graphic element. One of the most popular locations to get a written or word tattoo is on the upper back. Since it is a large area it can take some big, bold fonts and intricate designs. These can easily be made into very sexy and feminine designs and they don’t have to be big and black blocks of text. Instead, they can have lots of embellishments and swirls along with them to make the font more feminine.

Graphic Tattoos

If you are looking for something more graphical or pictorial there are lots of options that work well on the back also. Things such as cherry blossoms, flowers, koi fish, fairies, and angels or angel wings are all popular choices for graphical tattoo designs that work well on the back.

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Full Back Tattoos – Of course this is a large commitment financially and time-wise however more and more women these days are opting for a large back piece or often tattoos called full back tattoos. There are a lot of classic Japanese and even some really beautiful Celtic designs that work well for a full back. Another option is to do go with a scene it could be a group of angels of fairies in the forest. Stars are another very popular option although not often done as a sole back piece they can tie into other elements of the design very well.

If you are thinking about getting a back tattoo for women then the options above will at least give you some ideas to get started with. You should always take your time and consider all of your design options. Don’t jump into getting a tattoo just to have one as you will end up regretting it later in life. Instead, take your time and enjoy the process of finding the perfect back tattoo for women and for you.

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