The Hottest Literary, Word, and Letter Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

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There are a bunch of different names or ways to call these tattoos, but one thing is for sure the trends for lettering tattoos are hot. More and more people are getting tattoos of words. In the old days of tattoo designs, the words were a simple embellishment of the design—for example, the classic heart tattoo design with a banner that says, mom. The heart is the main feature of the tattoo and the visual part that people see and recognize first. 

The script and the written part that says mom is what is noticed second. For the longest time in the history of tattoo designs words, sayings and writing was an integral part of the overall tattoo design. Still, often it was related to a backseat and done after the central part of the design was though out. Well, that is not so these days.

Tattoo trends are always changing, and people are always looking for new ideas and new ways to stand out as an individual and be different from what has been done before. One of the core parts of body art is to do something unique and different and express yourself. People today are finding that one of the best ways to express yourself instead of through a visual symbol is through a written letter tattoo design. Thus they have grown popular. Below you will find some of the most popular forms of literary or word tattoo designs.

Foreign Languages: Arabic, Sanskrit, Latin And More

The most popular trend among written and word tattoos is the foreign language types of designs. These starting back at least 5 to ten years ago with the famous Chinese and Japanese symbols. This is still a prevalent trend. The lure of a foreign script makes that overall design something of a mystery, and it looks beautiful. People started getting Japanese Kanji or Chinese symbols or words as a tattoo design due to the beauty of the script and the mysteriousness of if. Thus lead to others seeking other foreign languages to get written on their body. Today there is probably not a written language that has not been permanently tattooed to someone out there in the world. Sanskrit, which is writing form Ancient India, became very popular recently partially inspired perhaps by Angelina Jolie’s lower back tattoo design which is in Sanskrit and features a huge tiger. Latin is also a popular option since it is such a beautiful language and also adds mystery to the design.

Graffiti Style Tattoos

Another trendy style of word tattoos is graffiti tattoos. If you think about it, graffiti and tattoo go hand in hand. They are often both straight from the streets and feature the gritty daily life side of art. Graffiti, as well as tattoos, is all about line and colour in design and therefore graffiti tattoo designs are a natural combination. These can be done in a variety of ways and styles, and even though he overall look is of graffiti, there are a lot of different variations that can affect the final look of the tattoo design.


Ambigrams are pretty new to the scene of tattoos and just becoming popular. Yet they are also an excellent art form of writing that works incredibly well for a tattoo design. Ambigrams are two words written together to make one word when viewing the tattoo design from one angle, and then when it is flipped upside down, you can read another story. These work well for opposite things in a person’s life, such as the devil and angel that influence all of us. The ambigram tattoo might read Angel when reading one direction, and then when it is flipped upside down, it will read devil. These tattoos are very creative and beautiful and also hold a great deal of mystery and fascination for people since they can have an almost hidden message in them.

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