The Coolest Forearm Tattoo Designs For Men

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The forearm in the past was typically not the first place a person would get a tattoo design. However, one of the hottest and rapidly growing trends right now are literary or word tattoo designs and these work so well as great-looking forearm tattoo designs that they have become big recently.


Ambigram tattoo designs are pretty recent phenomena within the world of tattoos. Within the last few years, this trend has seen amazing growth. These tattoos are very stunning and cool looking. Essentially an ambigram tattoo is a design that takes two words like evil and good and combines them into one word in such a way that when it is read from one orientation it reads as good. Then when the forearm is flipped over the tattoo now reads evil. These can make for some stunning forearm tattoos and since the shape of a word, tattoos are often long and rectangular the forearm is the natural place to get one of the cool designs. There are also so many great combinations of words such as good and evil, angel and devil, love and hate that it is hard to resist the cool factor of a great ambigram tattoo on the forearm.

Words And Sayings

Since words and sayings are so hot right not the shape of such font based tattoos is long and rectangular it honestly makes for one of the best options for a forearm tattoo design for men. The saying can e something you value or find important. It could be a favourite poem, some song lyrics that speak to you or some important phrase or series of words you want to remember. They can also work really well as sort of a memorial tattoo. Some simple words like never forget can word well as a design option.

Font Considerations

If you are considering getting a forearm tattoo design and really thinking about the literary or word design then the font it the most important thing to consider. Since you have two things the words themselves and the font that carries the mood and feeling of the design getting the right font to match the saying you are getting tattooed is really important. For example, a word tattoo that says Evil is not going to look all the cool with a thin line font that has too many swirly embellishments. Instead, you would want something bold, black and strong. With a word tattoo design, you do not have to worry about finding the right design of graphical elements but you have to very carefully consider the fonts used.

If you are thinking about getting an ambigram or forearm tattoo with words or saying on it carefully consider the two main factors. What are the word or saying you want to get tattooed and what style font do you want to use. If you can get these two things correct you will end up with a very cool forearm tattoo design for men.

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