Temporary Tattoos – I Wish I Had Heard of Them 10 Years Ago

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When i used to be a young girl I often tried to look at my father’s biceps and the images he had decorated on them. This was a normal thing for me, I thought that all dads had them, as most of the men who came to our house had their arms decorated in the same way. These picture were of course tattoos, not temporary tattoos but two ugly permanent ones.

I thought they were ugly and uninteresting, but of course I never said. Then when my own daughter was about 16, tattoos came into my life again.

It was a very hot summer in Valencia, where we had a flat, she hates the heat so normally loved to go swimming. We had bought her a new bikini but I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want togo. Anyway to cut a long story short she never wore that new bikini.

Back in Valencia for the New Year she was bending down,when I suddenly saw a tattoo on her back, small as it was it was not a temporary tattoo. A butterfly. I hit the roof. How could a daughter of mine with such an education resort to this? I was extremely upset and called her everything.

I really wish that that tattoo artist in Surrey had asked for her age, in fact she wasn’t 18 or failing this. Why hadn’t he encouraged her to have a temporary tattoo?

Well, it all began then, little by little she started have more and more. A teenage craze my friends would say. If only I thought, every time I saw her she seemed to have more. Some of them aren’t too bad, but I really hope that she never regrets not having used removable tattoos. She is now 26 and if she were earning more, I’m sure she would have more tattoos. This is dedicated to her, she’s an adult and has the right to do what she wants with her own body, but think and why not use temporary tattoos in the future….

Although there are many advantages in using removable tattoos. There are some disadvantages too.

These tattoos will fade or can be cleaned off whereas, permanent ones have to be removed surgically or by laser, leaving ugly scars.

Before using any form of temporary tattoos you need to have a skin test down at least a week before. If you have any allergic reaction then do not have one, or you could have a test using a different type of tattoo ink.

Never have temporary tattoos applied by someone on a street stall in a market as you cannot be sure what products they are using and your temporary tattoos could land up being there for life but not as a beautiful piece of art but as scars.

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