Tattoos Showing Through Tights Fashion statement or Faux Pas?

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Seeing as countless men and women are getting tattoos nowadays, among the leading dilemmas is how you can keep them hidden, especially in the work environment. While a great many might attempt to cover them up by dressing in tights, this doesn’t always work. Is the tattoo showing through a problem or a fashion statement?

There are arguments for both

Lots of people want to get tattoos so they can show them off. But, this isn’t always appropriate. While you may love your tattoos and be appreciated for them in a social setting, in a conservative workplace they may not be so welcome. They can look very unprofessional and won’t bring you the type of respect that you’ll need if you want to get on with your career. In this instance, tattoos showing through tights would most definitely be a problem.

The way to avoid this would be to wear opaque tights rather than thin pantyhose, the thicker the better. If you need to make a good impression, you shouldn’t let even the slightest hint be showing. As long as the tattoo doesn’t show through, you can get on with your day safe in the knowledge that you look professional, but all the time knowing that you’ve got a cheeky side just waiting to be revealed.

Tattoos showing through tights

However, in places where the look doesn’t have to be so professional or in social settings, tattoos showing through tights can be a fashion statement. People who admire tattoos will undoubtedly shoot you a few admiring glances, and if there’s no reason to hide them you can get them out with pride.

Indeed, the look is becoming so popular that there are even tights available to buy with tattoo designs printed on them! The trend was started by British model Lily Cole in one of her adverts and has snowballed ever since. A large number of tights manufacturers are printing ever-more intricate designs onto their sheer hosiery to give people ready-made tattoos without the pain of the real thing, with a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. Some people are even choosing to create their DIY versions, so they can have the exact design that they’re looking for.

Show your tattoos off

The question of whether tattoos showing through tights are a problem or a fashion statement largely comes down to the setting that you’re in. If you’re in a professional workplace it’s most definitely a problem, as you’re highly unlikely to be taken seriously and it can look extremely unprofessional. However, in a more relaxed atmosphere, it can certainly be a fashion statement. But, if you’re happy to show your tattoos off and the situation allows it, why cover them up at all?

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