Not Flattering Tattoo Placement Spots For Females

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Some tattoos look great on certain people and then there is that tattoo that looks like it does not belong. Below are a few tattoo placements (in my opinion) that women should not get:

Wrist Tattoos

The wrist is not a bad area to get tattooed but for women, this area is not very attractive. The inking on the wrist is usually associated with the masculine.

Forearm Tattoos

By far, the skin of the forearm is one of the best areas on the body for tattooing. It is very elastic and healing is notably faster. However, for a female, this is not that easy to cover up for it shows almost 100% of the time. Not very attractive.

Neck Tattoos

Even on the rear side of the neck or just the side, the neck tattoo is a warning sign of future remorse. The area for inking is excellent for tattooing and the ink holds well, but it is still an area of ​​the female body where a tattoo does not blend in well with the feminine beauty.

Between Breasts

Some of the best skin on the body is found on the chest. Yes, it may look sexy while they are young and even middle-aged but I am sorry, not when they are in their 70’s.

Face Tattoos

Known for women in more cultural areas of the world, facial tattooing is more for the men than the women. Other than a woman getting eyeliner or lip liner tattooed, actual tattoo designs on the larger part of the face just do not make sense.

Toe Tattoos

A difficult area to tattoo well for most artists being that the skin does not stretch well and there is not much skin and area to cover. Healing for a toe tattoo usually never comes out well for the bandages used seem to cause problems leaving an ugly, permanent disaster.

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