Super Sexy Inner Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls – The Hottest in Feminine Tattoo Designs

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Inner wrist tattoos are hot and they have been for a while now. This is a super fast-growing trend with more and more celebrities and sexy women getting inner wrist tattoos. This is going to be one of the next big things in the world of tattoos and especially one of the next big things in feminine and sexy tattoo designs. Essentially these are small tattoos designs that go on the inner wrist.

What Makes Inner Wrist Tattoos So Great

These have become popular for a variety of reasons really but one of the top reasons is they are very affordable. Since they are a rather small tattoo design they do not cost an arm and a leg to get custom designed and done by top-notch artists so the tattoo will look great. They are also quick to get inked and can be done easily in one hour sessions if not faster. They are easy to cover up and keep hidden in the professional work setting also. Last but not least they are incredibly sexy. Wrist, ankles, back and hip area are some of the sexiest locations on the female body and a great inner wrist tattoo design is the perfect adornment. Understated sexy and a little bit wild!

Ideas For Inner Wrist Tattoos

Many different designs can easily go on the inner wrist tattoo. The one thing to keep in mind is the design by nature has to be rather small and you don’t want to find anything too intricate or with too much detail. If you end up getting to much detail in the design over time as the ink spreads and fades the design will become one big blob of ink.

Kanji– Kanji or Japanese word tattoos have been building in popularity for a long time now. These mystics of a foreign language and the uniqueness of the words and designs make for a great tattoo. These also fit perfectly as an under wrist tattoo.

Latin, Greek Or Other Foreign Words– Another popular trend in literary and word tattoo designs for the wrist are Latin, Greek and other foreign languages including even Arabic. BY having the word in a foreign language it makes things more mysterious.

Nautical Stars – Nautical stars are always popular and in the past were tattoos that most men would get. However, with the new locations on the body for feminine and sexy tattoos such as the hip and inner wrist many women these days are also getting nautical star tattoos. The nautical star is an old sailor tattoo and it represents the North star which would be used in sailing to find one’s way home. Thus the nautical star is all about following your path in life.

These are just a few of the inner wrist tattoo ideas that are out there. Of course, it is only meant to spark your creativity and ideas and you will have to find the unique tattoo design that works for you. Hopefully though one of the ideas above gives you some ideas that you can use to start researching and looking for your tattoo design resources.

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