Sun Tattoo Designs – What Does it Mean on Your Body?

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Most of the tattoos people permanently etch in their bodies usually have a deep meaning in their lives. Let’s face it, the tattoo will forever be on your body. So people definitely would think about the design that they would be putting on their skin. One of the most common are sun tattoo designs.

From the time of our early ancestors, the sun is one of the most admired and revered symbols known to man. Together with the moon and the stars, the sun symbolizes the ultimate source of power since it gives life and energy to all living beings on this planet. Most of the gods and goddesses of the ancient times are closely related, if not directly related, to the sun.

West Africans worshipped Liza

Every corner of the globe has its interpretation of the sun’s enormous power. The Native Americans see the sun as the guardian of the day, the healer and the giver of life. In Egypt, they worshipped the sun god Ra, who travels the sky during the day and then travels the underworld during the night. West Africans worshipped Liza, who was the African god closely associated with the sun. Famous sun tattoo designs are usually adapted forms of ancient symbols that represent the sun. Usually they adopt the Celtic and the Aztec suns and then just add some of their designs onto it.

Worship the sun as a god

It does not mean that when you tattoo a sun on your body it means you worship the sun as a god. Today, it has different meanings. It may mean that the person has inner power since the sun does not depend on any other source for its power. It may mean that you are seeking the truth, since the light of the sun usually means the truth. Or it may just look good on your chest or around your belly button.

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