Sanskrit Tattoo Designs -Bring an Ancient Language Back to Life

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Today, the cycle has turned once more and tattoo designs are back in fashion for the common man or woman. No longer is it limited to punks and the seamier side of society. More subtle designs like Sanskrit tattoo designs and small Celtic cross tattoos are now in favour.

Regardless of whether you are the spiritual and religious type, or an art and history lover, having a lower back tattoo in Sanskrit makes for an interesting topic of conversation – linguists believe that Sanskrit is the origin of all modern languages. Unlike modern languages ​​like English, Sanskrit words have precise meanings. They are not subject to ambiguous interpretations. Sanskrit is dated back to 1500 BC. The oldest surviving example of Sanskrit is the Indian religious text, the Rig Veda.

Translate your lover’s name

Given its precise meanings, Sanksrit makes a good in memory tattoo design – a wonderful symbol of your adoration for a beloved wife or husband. Translate your lover’s name into Sanskrit and have a tattoo artist turn it into an in-memory tattoo design for you.

Not a Christian, but want to thank some Higher Power for a miracle that happened in your life? Why not try a commemoration in Sanskrit? It is, after all, used in two of the major religions in the world today, Hinduism and Buddhism. What could be more appropriate, than to send your thanks to the divine in a divine language?

Sanskrit tattoo designs are a beautiful

If you are a history buff, a lover of all things ancient, Sanskrit tattoo designs are for you. The Sanskrit language is ancient – its relationship to the languages ​​of South Asia, East Asia and South East Asia similar to the relationship between Greek and Latin to English and other modern European languages. Sir William Jones, the father of comparative linguistics and Indo-European studies, asserted in 1786 that Sanskrit, ancient Greek and Latin have too much in common and must logically have originated from the same ancient source.

Sanskrit script is horizontal, yet with many flowing curves. It is perfect for artistic rendering and is flexible enough to be inked as an armband tattoo or something else more elaborate. Sanskrit tattoo designs are a beautiful and elegant alternative to Celtic cross tattoos.

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