Popular Greek Warriors That Make Stunning Greek Warrior Tattoos

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Are you trying to get an awesome Greek warrior tattoo but can’t seem to find the right design? Not even sure which warrior you want the tattoo to mimic? One of the hardest things about getting the right tattoo is feeling utterly confident in your design choice. Greek tattoos are very dynamic and expressive, so the last thing you want to happen is to be disappointed in the result.

Greek warrior tattoos are a symbol of strength, courage, endurance, and nobility. Your design should express these very same characteristics that exist in yourself. It should show all of us who see the fight you are undertaking or have already made in your life and the passion used to achieve the outcome. These are some fascinating Greek warriors who make stunning tattoo designs.


Bellerophon was the son of either Poseidon or King Glaucus and was a very handsome man. He was known as the hero and slayer of monsters. He became famous by killing the Chimera, the fire breathing half-man half-beast. He did this with the help of Pegasus, his favourite winged horse. Bellerophon mounted a large block of lead to the end of his spear. Mounted atop Pegasus, he flew head-on towards the Chimera, holding out the spear as far as he could. He lodged the block of lead inside the Chimera’s throat, suffocating the beast. Tattoos of Bellerophon are spectacular with both his beauty and that of the beautiful Pegasus. What a way to express your courage and strength in the face of adversity.


The famous Hercules was most known for his incredible strength. He was a grand champion and warrior who was also known for destroying many dangerous monsters. His most notable battle was against Lernaean Hydra, the ancient serpent-like water beast with nine heads and poisonous breath so potent that even her tracks were deadly. Greek warrior tattoos centred around Hercules express strength, courage, and incredible endurance (Hercules killed numerous monsters). Using Hercules in your design will express your endurance against adversities that have occurred in your life.


Achilles was the most significant Greek warrior of the Trojan War. He was said to be invincible through all of his body except for his heel, hence the term we know as the Achilles Heel. Achilles was known to have an incredible temper when wronged, a consuming rage that could not constantly be cooled. This rage gave him the endurance to kill Hector, the leader of the Trojans, finally. Achilles was a very noble warrior who always fought for the due right of his men and his country. Tattoos using the famous Achilles show a nobility that is never-ending.

Did you know that about 1/4 of people who get a tattoo are disappointed after the work is done? I know how that feels because it happened to me, and I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. You’re spending your hard-earned money on Greek Warrior Tattoos that will last a lifetime, and you should love the design that you get.

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