Hottest Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Men

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Shoulders are one of the most common places to get a tattoo. But a shoulder tattoo looks especially good if you are well-toned and muscular in a frame, this way a shoulder tattoo only enhances your sex appeal.

There are some common designs that are specifically just made for the shoulders or that look exceptionally good on shoulders as compared to other parts of the body. Shoulder tattoos can be a bit painful as when the tattoo covers the ball and joint bones, it gets a bit excruciating due to the bony area. Shoulder tattoos are also good as stand-alone or to continue the theme to sleeve tattoos.

Some of the common designs that look exceptionally good on shoulders are as follows:

Tribal art

There is no specific start or finish so it can extend from the arms to the shoulders to the chest and even ribcage.

Dragon Tattoos


Starting from the pectorals extending to the shoulders and back and even upper arms.

Eagles with roses

Just plain black outline can really cause this design to really captivate the viewer’s attention.

Wings and knots

Extends from the shoulders to arms, done in black and red can be striking. The wings are done in black and red and the feathers are drawn in a manner that looks like the side view of a red flower. Below the wings, a knot design is inked in black. It looks very masculine and attractive.

Maori design

These look cool on the chest, shoulders and upper arms as well. Maori designs are done in plain black as well.

Polynesian tattoo

Like the tribal design, this is also a striking design to ink onto the shoulders, arms and chest.

Basketball theme

A slick and neat design on the shoulders and arm showing a man playing his favourite type of ball.

Flower tattoo

Done up in bold colours, flower tattoo looks beautiful and striking against the skin of back, chest and shoulders.

Sun with clouds

Instead of the typical yellow sun with white clouds, try an ancient Aztec sun done in black and yellow with red outlined clouds on the shoulder and upper arm.


Bright colourful stars look charming on the shoulder and collar bone, but beware could be quite painful due to the bony region.

Cartoon character

Get your favourite cartoon hero done up on your shoulder and arm.

Zodiac sign

Could be colourful or done in black, on the shoulders and upper arm, shows your sign and the characteristics associated with the sign.

Yin and yang

Done on the shoulder, it can represent the facets of life or the balance in life.


Many variations of this design, colourful or simple, it looks wicked and masculine.

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