Flower Rib Tattoos – 5 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Designs on the Rib Cage

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Rib Cage tattoos are on the rage right now as a lot of tat enthusiasts are getting themselves inked on the side part of their body. With rib area is having the ability to accommodate ample and intricate tat designs, it is no wonder why this is one of the most sought after theme nowadays.

When it comes to design choices, the flowers seem to be the most preferred image. Here are the top 5 favourite flower designs on the rib side.
Cherry blossoms, with its delicate pinkish-coloured petals, look stunning when tattooed on the body. It is a very symbolical flower as it can mean feminine beauty and sexuality in China. In Japan, however, the flower stands for the transience of life in connection with their Buddhist teachings and beliefs.

Lotus is another amazing flower that emerges from the dark dirty pond into this fully-cupped and brightly bloomed petals. It represents the journey of those who have been through tough times in their life but are able to overcome all the hardships and success to come out as triumphant.
Rose is a classic flower design that definitely never loses its appeal. Its meaning varies depending on what colour it is. The red varieties generally speak of love and romance, the pink stands for grace and elegance while the yellow one evokes a feeling of happiness and warmth.

Lily has always been associated with innocence and purity. This can be traced to the fact that this flower has been seen in the old paintings of the Virgin Mary. This fragrant and gorgeous flower comes in a variety of colours such as pink, red, white, lavender and orange.

Hibiscus is a bright-coloured flower that blooms only for a short period of time that is why it is known to represent delicate beauty. It is said that in Hawaii if you wear the hibiscus on your right ear, it means you are single and looking for love. Wearing it on your left ear means you are taken and happy with love at the moment.

Cherry blossoms, lotus, lily, hibiscus and rose all have the potential to be a captivating and beautiful rib cage tattoo piece. All you have to do is to choose your design wisely and work with a reliable artist. Good luck with your body art.

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