Cross Tattoo Designs Humanity’s Icon

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Many individuals have cross tattoos on their bodies. Many more want to have the same placed on their skin. The common idea is that this is nothing more than a trivial act and casual drawing. This is false. The cross is a very important icon of human civilization. It is filled with meaning. Recreations of it partake of the same relevance and value. Each version and inscription is rich in symbolism and representations. It is more than just a pattern engraved on a person’s skin. By having it an individual adopts a certain meaning for it.

There are many variants of the cross tattoo. They come from the versions of the cross that are in use today. Each one has a set of meanings and a unique story behind it. It can be said that, in general, the cross is a symbol for many ideas and concepts. It is a repository of diverse and contrasting ideals. It is not unlike human nature in this regard. It is not just about Christianity. It is more than that.

Many people do not know that aside from religious ideals the cross stands for life, the meeting of the physical and spiritual realm as well as immortality. These are all ideas that are important to man throughout his past and even present. This symbol can be considered the foremost representation of what man has achieved. A cross tattoo on a person’s body is more than just a form of body art. It represents the kind of cultural and social development man has attained. This aside from what the person who has it intend for it to stand for.

The affinity of man towards the cross is said to be based in his psyche. Cross tattoos are something that everyone can relate to. This also implies the cross tattoos are not meant to be appreciated in the context of the faith of cultural base. This icon is meant to be much more than that. It can even be an embodiment of what it is to be human. Its many meanings despite a general form relate to the human condition. People may have the same form but different personalities.

The basic contradiction in the design of the cross tattoo is the same in human nature. All humans are the same and yet they are different. They are all beings with tangible forms and yet they are more than that. These attributes are the same for the cross as used in tattoos. It is also a sign open to many interpretations and yet it is still a cross. This is manifested by the “tau” and the Celtic cross. It takes on varying meanings under different perspectives just like human nature.

The cross tattoo is more than just a form of creative expression. It constitutes the development of human thought and knowledge. It is a complex but equally simple icon. These two defining traits are the same as that of individuals. Each is a careful balance and mix of relative traits and common attributes. A person’s difference and shared nature with others are the same as the difference and similarity of cross tattoos. This makes this more than just a drawing on a person’s skin but as a definitive manifestation of humanity.

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