Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos – Cool Ideas For Pink Ribbon Tattoo Designs

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Breast cancer ribbon tattoos make for a great way to celebrate your conquering of this disease and may have a deeper meaning too – such as serving as a reminder of how vulnerable we are or to give solidarity. It may even be to honour someone who fought valiantly but lost against this terrible disease. If you’re not yet decided on what to get then this article should help give you much food for thought and get you closer to the final design you want.

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Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

The classic breast cancer symbol is the pink ribbon. It is iconic and everybody knows what it is. It is the most famous of all the cancer ribbons out there.

The basic design of the tattoo ribbon is pretty simple but different artists will have a different style. It’s very important to see an example of a ribbon by your artist if at all possible.

Whilst you can just get a pink ribbon on its own, it is very common these days to get something to accompany it. It could be the word “survivor” on the ribbon, the name of the deceased (and perhaps the date of birth), flowers, angel wings or something else. I have even seen large lettering in the form of a pink breast cancer ribbon.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos For Men

The most common group of men getting this type of tattoo are the husbands and boyfriends of those who have battled this disease.

Although a pink ribbon in itself might be seen as feminine, there is certainly no shame in wearing this as a tattoo. Due to universal recognition, you will only receive praise for showing off such a tattoo.

Still, they are relatively uncommon to the degree that there is no standard. I would suggest that the tattoo on its own is fine but you could supplement it with a tribal motif behind the ribbon in order to masculinise it if that is your aim.

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Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoo Designs

A variation on the pink ribbon is the butterfly tattoo. The ribbon is usually depicted as the body of the butterfly and a pair of wings and antennae are attached. This makes for a nice alternative to the regular ribbon tattoo.

Although it does not mean anything specifically, some may construe specific meaning from it such as a soul that has departed to heaven or as signifying freedom from the disease (having been given an all-clear).

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