Another Successful Scar Coverup. Swipe left to see the before picture and the v…

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Another Successful Scar Coverup.

Swipe left to see the before picture and the video..
This was Zenitha’s 1st tattoo ever and she sat through the entire 5 and a half hrs session like a rock.
So just to give ul the backstory she had bleached here back and that chemical gave a very bad reaction and left her with this unwanted scar as you all can see in the 2nd pic. She visited many dermatologists they suggested her various treatments but nothing helped her in getting rid of those scars, and one day she thought of getting a tattoo over the scar which will help her cover those marks. And so zenitha’s friend recommended her to us. We connected real quick over the fone and within 1week I came up with this tattoo design and she loved it. And today we got the opportunity to coverup the scar with this beautiful tattoo design. We (me and zenitha)are really happy with the outcome. As you can in see the following videos. Do let me know ur views on it. Tia.

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  1. i_am_wat_i_am_ says

    Lovely piece..

  2. rosh_sweets says

    U are a Star this looks awesome ❤️

  3. anilmatlani08 says

    Well done @inkfactory_tattooz_india … pretty neat … @zenitha_sakile finally inked ☺️

  4. sakile1991 says

    Thank you @inkfactory_tattooz_india Your work speaks for itself that how much heart you put into this work and made it look absolutely neat.. @zenitha_sakile Never in her life planned to make one, maybe the situation forced her to do it, but she’s now glad that the solution to this situation fell in your hands.. Bless you always!!

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