6 Of The World’s Most Tattooed People

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While some people want a tattoo or two, others go all the way and have tattoos all over their bodies.

Do you love body ink?

Here are some of the most tattooed people in the world:

Eric Sprague

Also known as the lizard man, Eric has transformed himself into a reptile by having inked green scales all over his body. In addition to the tattoos, he also has five Teflon implant horns beneath his eyebrows, split tongue, and sharp teeth. Eric was the first man to have a forked tongue in 1972. He also wanted to have a tail, but the medical knowledge couldn’t allow at that time.

He makes his money working as a freak where he performs before audiences. He also makes paid television appearances. Some of the acts he performs include: fire eating, sword swallowing, sleeping on a bed of nails among many other things.

Tom Leppard

Also known as the leopard man, Tom has leopard patterns throughout his body. If you see him naked, you will mistake him for an animal. In addition to the tattoos, he also wears feline teeth to complete the leopard look. Tom, now 78 years, retired in Isle of Sky in Scotland where he lives in a small house with a friend who offered to help him in his old age.

Elaine Davidson

According to the Guinness World Records, Elaine has more piercings that any other person in the world. In May 2000, she had 452 piercings where 192 of them were on her face alone. In 2005, she had 3,950 piercings. This includes 500 that were in her genitalia-both on the inside and outside. The Brazilian-born, former nurse doesn’t drink or use drugs. She now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lucky Diamond Rich

Diamond Rich has multiple layers of ink, and he has spent over 1,000 hours being inked. He has tattoos in every part of his body including gums, eyelids, ears, and the delicate skin between his toes. In addition to loving ink, he also enjoys entertaining where he juggles chainsaws. He also unicycles and swallows swords for a living.

Mr. Mayhone

The 32-year-old single dad has covered his entire body with colorful tattoos in the bid of becoming a real life jester. In addition to the paintwork, he also has eight implants underneath his scalp. This is to create a permanent clown.

Julia Gnuse

The illustrated lady, suffered from porphyria when she was in her mid-30s. This is a condition that causes her skin to blister and scar. To cover up the scars, she opted to tattoo the affected areas. In a span of a decade, her entire body (including the face) was covered with colorful etchings. Ninety-five percent of her body is covered in tattoos and holds a Guinness record for being one of the world’s most tattooed people.

There you have it. These are some of the most tattooed people in the world. As you have seen, some of the people do it to be unique, others to cover medical conditions, and others for the sake of it. What do you think, can you cover your entire body in ink?

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