10 Top Tattoo Tips For Winning Tattoo Design Contests

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The number of marketplaces for tattoo designs is increasing significantly. Maybe this is because of the high demand for tattoo designs originating from the development in fashion styles and trends. What these marketplaces usually do is to host contests for the best tattoo design.

A client who wants a unique custom tattoo design initiates the game. The client will also be the one who will pick the winner according to the specifications and details indicated in the contest rules. The prize money can be relatively low, but these competitions are essential for both the customer and the designer. This is why lots of artists are encouraged to participate in these.

If you are a tattoo designer and want to participate in these tattoo design contests, there are many things that you need to ponder on so that you will have the best chance of winning the competition.

One; do not hesitate to consult the client. Some details cannot be included straightaway in the contest criteria on posting it. Hence, there might be some other specifications that the client did not put on it. This is also a way to establish a good working relationship with the client.

The second thing is regarding asking for other suggestions. You can do this in two (2) major ways. One way is to ask other artists or designers, while the other way is by asking for the input of people who are not artists. The importance of asking for suggestions from the latter is due to the value placed upon what ordinary clients think about your design.

Thirdly, you must comply with all the specifications. Try to stick with what your client asks you to do. You must always be on the same wavelength. You may want to depart from the plan but be sure to ask the client first.
Fourth, and this is very important, is beating the deadline. Deadlines are important and an indication of how disciplined and serious you are as an artist. Try to submit your design ahead of time and not right on the deadline.

Fifthly, always give your best design. Some tattoo designers are not impressed by the amount of prize money offered and tend to submit a second-rate drawing. More often than not, the result is that you won’t win doing this.

The sixth thing you need to do is allot a time to conceptualize. Make sure that the time you will take is appropriate, and enough for you to clear your mind and just think about conceptualization. However, ensure as well that you don’t take too long.

Another thing you need to think about is to read around the subject which is one of the best ways to gather ideas.

Moreover, you should also research new techniques and use these to impress your client this is because it is also a way to increase your value as an artist.

The ninth thing you need to consider is to ask for third-person comments and suggestions before submitting your design.

Last but not least, to win tattoo design contests, you must also be open to revisions and alterations in your design. These revisions can be from your friends, co-artists or your client.

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