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You want to make sure that you get a correct translation of your tattoo into Chinese?!

Here you go – watch the video, get on the website and find out about all the different possibilities you have when getting a Chinese tattoo and send me a mail.

I’ll translate your tattoo, so you can be sure, that what you get, is 100% correct.

  1. 吳志元 says

    Just find me. that's enough

  2. ifhdhdg sabsbb says

    lion translated


    Can you please transact jagadeesh in chinese

  4. jingyi liu says

    use google traduction or ask some chinese when u go to a chinese restaurant.
    — that's how i deal with english as a chinese.

  5. Nike拖鞋 says

    Just give an advice for the people how love the Chinese characters tattoo, you'd better tattoo an idiom, poetry or aphorism rather than single Chinese word, the gammar is big difference between English and Chinese, in Chinese we can interpret some single words in many different means. Like the “princess”, if we say someone just like a "princess" it's irony her arrogant & fussy, so the princess is not just mean a princess if just tattoo a single word.

  6. Talia Leslie says

    What’s princess translated

  7. amlesh kumar says

    Hi Gina,

    Can you help me translate below two name in chinese:-


    Please help me know this name in chinese.

  8. If you are a perfectionist. Don't get a Chinese tattoo when your friends know Chinese but they know nothing about Chinese calligraphy and literature and the history behinds them.

  9. davae hong says

    What the Chinese symbol for loyalty??????

  10. MUKESH SHAH says

    Help me plz.. i want to know the meaning of a chinese tatto.. i have the pic. How can i send it to you??

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